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Who’s Beak Bird?

Meet Beak Bird, a fun loving social media fanatic who wanted to expand his network to birds other than the ones who lived in his nest. Beak Bird showed the other birds her blog, her ideas for a business selling custom birdbaths, and he even tried to get them interested in his social networks.

“All you need is Twitter!”, the other birds would shout. It was a well-known fact that the birds that called his tree home only communicated through short “tweets”. Beak Bird could not bring himself to resign to using just Twitter as his only means of social media.

“I’m going to leave the nest and find a place where social media gets the recognition that it deserves!”, he exclaimed one evening after having an argument with another bird about what hashtags were. So he flew as far as his wings would take him, only stopping to post updates on his blog along the way.

After days and days of flying, his wings could take no more. He landed on a telephone pole that was located just outside a group of buildings. While catching his breath he looked down at the people passing one another on the street.

One guy was holding a camera out in front of him and talking to it, a woman wearing bright pink jogged by while snapping a photo on her phone of a window display that she liked, everyone seemed to be connecting with the world through technology. Beak Bird was so happy that he made a loud chirp that made everyone stop and look up.

This was the proof that he needed−there were places that used social media so fluently that it fit their everyday lives seamlessly. As fast as he could, he began the flight back home. When he arrived back at the nest, something major was different. Birds were typing and sending messages on multiple platforms, some were filming a video and uploading it to the Internet, and a few of them were even reading Beak Bird’s blog for the first time.

“We never realized that social media could connect us to a whole world of birds!”, one of the older and wiser birds said to Beak Bird. MyBeak Social Meida was a hit with all of the birds in the nest, and helped the tree of birds branch out further than they could have ever imagined.

That is the story of Beak Bird.

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