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Why Social Influence is More Important Than SEO Tricks in 2013?

The social influence via social media sites will be more important than SEO tricks in 2013 because of the obvious reasons. With the advancement in technology and the growing power of social media, SEO is getting out of business in two years if not one. Here are the main reasons why:


Who Are You on Facebook? @zeeblysocialme Has the Answer!


My brother from another mother, Justice Mitchell, posted on his Facebook timeline something about him being a freak.

Here’s that post, captured for all eternity (or until the interwebs go away, whichever comes first).

justice mitchell

It was a link to an interesting little app called Social Me, which analyzes your Facebook activity and spits … Read more

Social Media… How Do You Measure Success?

This post written jointly by Ted Rubin and Casey Petersen
“Success” in a social campaign, and an annualized social media calendar, should be determined by the goals for the campaign and an overall long-term strategy… we like to use the term “Conditions of Satisfaction.” Far too often, companies start a campaign simply with the goal

Read more

Social Media Etiquette Your Mom Taught You


Guest post by Kelly Gregorio

As a child, Mom taught you the importance of please and thank you while reminding you to mind your P’s and Q’s.  Today, the same lessons that molded you into a respectable adult can be used to your advantage online. Below are 5 finger-waggings translated into social media etiquette that … Read more

10 Valuable Ideas to Help You Find Time to Blog

How to find time to create content for your blogHow do you find the time to create content for your blog when you have a business to run?

Creating content and finding the time to do it are the biggest obstacles entrepreneurs and small business owners face when marketing their business.

Creating interesting and valuable content for your business blog will give your audience … Read more

The Vital Importance of Online Reputation Management

Guest post by Richard Larson, Brand Manager

With each passing day privacy becomes a thing of the past and every last iota of information about a person or a company is merging with the internet.  Despite the internet increasing in age, there are still any number of aspects about it that maintain its … Read more

7 Business Lessons For Success in 2013 (straight from the experts)

I’m a huge fan of not “reinventing the wheel”. So, as we close out 2012, I thought it would be a good time to check in with some of my favorite marketing experts to gather some of their valuable advice. I wanted to find out which lessons they learned the hard way so we could … Read more

How Slow Site Speeds Matter More Than Ever

Guest post by Frank Conley

In this infographic by wireless internet provider Zing Broadband, they take a look at how a load time of something as simple as 1 second, can impact your site. The larger your site is, the bigger the impact on your site is for a conversion.

How can we increase traffic … Read more

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