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Get the Most Out of #FollowFriday

By Kristi Hines

Every Friday, you’re bound to see tons of tweets with the famous #FF for #FollowFriday where Twitter users recommend people they think everyone should follow.  You’ve hopefully been the recipient of these tweets as well!  But the real question, have you ever followed any of those people?

If you haven’t because you … Read more

Wahooly Aims to Monetize Klout Scores

Social Monetization | Social Media Blog
We’re living in exciting times, where given the nature of the social media landscape, there are lots of opportunities for innovation. It became clear that Wahooly lives and breathes this reality.

So, it was my pleasure to interview Dana Severson, founder of Wahooly. He’s a game changer, so enjoy!

Q: Can you give me your Read more

Flattr: The Future of Giving is Social

By biohazardyez.

Flattr is great new addition to the world of social media. Basically, it is a micro donation system that can be used by internet users from all around the world to give support to great web content.

Bloggers, musicians, filmmakers, and others who could use some financial support could integrate Flattr into Read more

3 Ways to Use Social Media More Productively

Social Media SEO | Social Media Blog

By Corina Mackay

One undeniable fact about using social media is that it takes a lot of time and effort. Whilst the cheapskates among us are happy to trade the low cost of social media marketing for large amounts of time and energy, I think we can all agree that saving time is never a … Read more

Social Media for Your Health

family on a laptop computer

When most people think about social media they think of it as a place where the young chit chat with friends, and keep up with family who live distances away and can seldom visit. Some businesses use social media to promote their goods and products and others just think of it as a waste of … Read more

Bird Competition to Launch New Fan Page

These are exciting times! MyBeak Social Media gets a fan page.

I’m saying good bye to my old, orange little buddy and looking for a new MyBeak bird to celebrate the launch of my fan page.

Can you help me choose a new MyBeak bird? The contestants are:

  • Buzz the button
  • Beaker the parakeet
  • Chirpy
  • Read more

Crowdsourcing: The Future of Giving is Social

What a better way to experience the possibilities that crowdsourcing has to offer than trying it on for size. Crowdsourcing occurs when a crowd of people participate in a project.

Crowdfundng typically occurs when large numbers of people donate small amounts of money. Collectively, the funding can have significant effects in bringing a project to Read more

7 Ways to Find Great People to Follow on Twitter

Is your Twitter timeline filled with the same boring tweets every day? If you don’t know where to look for new and interesting tweeters, you might be stuck with an ordinary feed. We found a few resources and tips to help you find the most interesting people on Twitter. And there’s a bonus to following … Read more

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