Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Social Media Sacrifices: Are You One of the 8% Giving Up Sex?

social media sacrifices

Guest post by Joe Friedlein

It is no secret that social networking sites have pervaded every aspect of our lives, with people being bombarded daily by friends, contacts and brands, encouraged to tweet and share online content. Online social interaction has become the norm, but a recent survey by inbound marketing agency Browser Media suggests … Read more

7 “Must Have” Apps for the Social Media Professional

phone apps

Guest post by Simon Phillips

In many ways, social media allows a business to get the word out about itself easier than ever before. As the format has developed however, audiences have become more fragmented and specialized, causing companies to search for ways to quickly and easily reach their customers. Fortunately, app developers have seized … Read more

Graph Search and More: 21st Century Recruiting Methods


Guest post by Marta, financial advisor

Technology may be improving, but talent is still the driving force behind successful businesses. Rising unemployment has left recruiters and business owners with a deluge of hungry potential employees eager to prove their worth. To differentiate themselves from the competition, many professionals have established a rich online … Read more

Is Your Privacy Protected on Web 2.0?


Guest post by Olan Ahern

After the crash of the dot com era in 2001, a fear broke out amongst the online community that the World Wide Web as we know it would crash. However, a revolution began; a multitude of new applications, websites and networks were created that rapidly grew across the web. The … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media at Events

event marketing booth
Guest post by James Barnett, former consultant for the Live Events industry.

The Guardian’s B2B network recently debated the influence of digital technology in the live events industry and concluded the impact of social media was providing remarkable opportunities for small businesses. Digital technology has allowed lesser companies to market their brand globally with social … Read more

How to Effectively Use Social Media to Leverage Your Small Business

Using social media effectively involves carefully considering what you want to convey about your brand, how you are going to engage your target market and how you will manage your social profiles. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from popular Quora posts on the subject.

Thomas Hark, web designer

Here are 10 ways to create … Read more

3 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Have to Avoid

Guest post by Roxanne

Social media has taken online marketing in a whole new level. With the help of the networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, customers and brands were given a better bridge for communication. It changes the way businesses compete to win over customers.

With the power that social media … Read more

Converting Blog Readers into Customers

Guest post by Rashed Khan

According to research carried out by Social Media B2B, companies with an active blog generate 67% more sales leads than those without blogs. If you have a business, then this alone should be enough of a reason to create a blog on your website.

However, generating traffic and making the … Read more

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