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What’s All the Fuss About Path?

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

If you spend much time online, you’ve probably heard all the hubbub about micro-network Path recently, since the app had a makeover to become Path 2.0. As a micro-network, Path is focused on small, user-centric groups. Although this means it’s not set-up to be a marketing tool like Facebook or Twitter, … Read more Takes the Guess Work Out of Building Relationships and Identifying Leads

How to Generate Sales | Social Media Optimization

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

In the last couple of months there have been a variety of applications geared towards helping businesses take advantage of their Twitter accounts to increase their bottom dollar. is designed to help businesses identify and create potential leads for their products and services and allows you to focus your time Read more

Keep up with the Changes on Google+

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

With the introduction of Google+ business pages recently, more people are getting on board with the new social networking platform. To help you get the most out of it, here are some of the newest features you may have missed.

Add a Google+ badge to your website
Google recently released Google+ Read more

10 Awesome November Tweets From People I Follow

Avoid the inevitable finger cramping from sifting through loads of tweets to find informative / inspiring tweets about social media. My fingers did the walking and it brings me great pleasure to announce my most awesome tweets from the people I follow on Twitter. Here are some awesome tweets:

1. @kyleplacy 8 Things You Read more

WiseStamp: Your Social Email Signature

Social Media Signature | Social Media Marketing Blog	 Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

WiseStamp allows you to personalize your emails by putting contact information, quotes, your IM name, and your latest Tweets right on your emails. You can choose who gets to see what (for instance you might not want everyone you send emails to having your private phone number) and your tweets will … Read more

TwitSpark Helps Brands Improve Their Customer Support

 Twitter Customer Support | Social Media Content
Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

TwitSpark is a new software application designed to help businesses make the most of their Twitter experience and help them turn tweets into possible revenues by establishing a better rapport between their business and Twitter.

What this software does is enables businesses to store, sort, and automatically follow any tweets that Read more

Content Marketing Tip – 3 Ways Content “Curation” Can Boost Content “Creation”

By Heba Hosny

In plain English, content curation often refers to identifying, locating, filtering, organizing, and sharing content that is relevant to your target audience.

Content curation seems to be the only sanity-saving cure to information overload! Still, content marketers often face the dilemma of weighing the pros and cons of content creation versus content … Read more

Strawberry Jam: Find Popular Links From Those You Follow

Social Bookmarks | Social Media Optimization

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

Lets face it, there are so many interesting people for each one of us to follow on Twitter that sometimes we simply can’t keep up with what the hot topics are among our those on our Twitter list. Now there is a new App called Strawberry Jam that is designed to … Read more

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