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(Personal) Brands and Social Networks: Love at First Sight!

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Guest post by Cinzia Di Martino

Visual contents play a fundamental role in photo marketing: the right use of content makes achieving success a breeze.

Did you know that 90% of information input transmitted to the brain IS visual? And, did you know that visual content is processed 60.000 times faster than textual content?

Given these premises, it is easy to understand the recent changes social networks have been going through.

Images are one reason for the success of Facebook fan pages and Google+ profiles: image sharing is also increasing on Twitter; thanks to images, Pinterest has become the third largest social network in the world in a very short time; integrated videoS and infographics in blogs lead to 12% of interactions by users.

In short, using attractive visual content has become crucial to catch potential new customers’ interest.

We have identified the top 5 benefits that visual content has on branding (both personal and otherwise):

#1. It gives identity to a brand. Images attract people and help them to understand who you are: images convey emotions and feelings that can bind a brand to its users. Uploading and sharing positive, inspiring and motivating images can help you be successful.

#2. It attracts users. Visual content attract users’ attention and interest, encouraging the community to interact with the brand and make you want to share content with friends. Instead of limiting to post images, it is advisable to offer users infographics and videos.

#3. It simplifies information. Thanks to infographics and instrutiongraphics it has become easier to transform complex and articulate information into pleasant and helpful images, ready to be shared with friends.

#4. It creates interaction. Images allow users to get involved, and enthusiastic about your brand. Ask users to upload photos of funny moments or their experience with your product/service on social media.

#5. It increases word of mouth. The use of images increases users’ interaction with the brand by 40%: whether it is a like, a share or a comment, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to find the best way to increase the reactions, for example by asking questions or asking them to tag a special person, so as to become visible to friends and parents.

In short, there is a close relationship between a (personal) brand and it’s social network: every form of visual content does nothing but strengthens the connection with the community and allow you to achieve your goals.

Have you already started looking for the best content for your community?

Cinzia is a blogger, community manager and web designer and has just one mission: make your (personal) brand more charming or less boring. Contact her for help engaging and acquiring customers.

Photo credit: AD+Flaunt+Zibska

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