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Top 3 Reasons Hiring a Private Investigator Is Good For Business

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What comes to mind when you hear the words: private investigator?

Perhaps you think of Sherlock Holmes coolly smoking his pipe while using his supreme powers of deductive reasoning to solve some astonishing mystery.

Or perhaps you think of that quirky former homicide detective Adrian Monk and his unorthodox investigative techniques as he skillfully solves crimes in spite of his fragile mental state.

What you may not think of is a consultant a company hires to help them improve their business.

So, consider this an education and a much needed wake up call. 

How can hiring a PI help your business?

Make sure your clients are getting the level of service you want them to. Hiring a PI as a business evaluation professional can ensure that the way you’ve trained your staff to treat customers is how they are actually treating them.

Hiring a PI is more effective than hiring a mystery shopper because they have more sophisticated training and many have surveillance capabilities.

Make sure that your competitors aren’t copying your product and offering it at a discounted rate. The economic impact of counterfeit goods, in Canada alone, costs the economy a whopping 20 to 30 billion dollars per year.

It’s not just mega-brands like Nike and the Hollywood studios who need to worry about counterfeiting. Many industries face the knock off threat, including: clothing, consumer electronics, batteries, cell phones, wallets, drugs (yikes!), air bags, watches, sun glasses, purses, tobacco, software and, yes, even garden hoses.

Your trademark alone isn’t enough to safeguard your product against knock-offs. This not only cuts into your profits, it results in a negative brand image as consumers purchase inferior goods thinking they are the real deal.

A private investigator can help protect your company’s brand against counterfeiting.

Make sure your top executives are protected. Your high profile executives are some of your most precious assets. Hiring executive protection is an effective line of defense against kidnapping and assaults.

Photo credit: Kusic and Kusic

*Disclaimer: I’ve done work for Kusic and Kusic. I have not been paid to write this post. The opinions in this post are mine and do not represent that of Kusic and Kusic. I saw a distinct way that my readers could benefit from hiring a private investigator after getting to know more about the industry.

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