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What You Need to Know Before Developing a Website

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Guest post by Lucy Matthews

Planning is likely the most important thing to remember when a business is creating a website. Simply throwing together a site may do more harm than good. The more planning that is done ahead of time the better the site will be and the easier it will be to overcome problems. During those early stages, there are some things that should be kept in mind.

Content – Consider how the content will be organized on the site. Design it in such a way that it will be easy for users to navigate. Think about the different sections that will be featured. It might be helpful to draw a schematic of how it should operate. It should also be remembered that web viewers typically are more impatient and want to be able to find content quickly and easily. Text should be broken down into smaller parts that can be easily digested. Images, audio and video can also be very important aspects of the website.

Cater to search engines – Getting the website to the top of the search engine rankings will be a priority. The homepage needs to be set up with key phrases that will be of the most importance to potential customers. The better designed the homepage is to meet the needs of customers, the higher it is likely to rank on search engines. Keywords should also be included in the various images on the homepage if possible.

Mobile – Just as many people conduct web searches through a mobile device now as through a personal computer. Unfortunately, traditional websites do not look good on mobile devices and they can be hard to navigate. Consider optimizing the website for smart phones and tablets. Have the main website set up to recognize when someone is accessing it through a mobile device and automatically send them to the mobile website. Offer them the opportunity to come back if they desire. The mobile site should contain less text and the images should be sized appropriately.

Overall design – One of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of the website is how it looks to users. The type of font used for text, the size of the text, images and colors are all important items to consider. No matter how well designed otherwise or how good the content on the site is, if it looks shabby people likely will not stay on the site very long.

Creating a successful website can be a lot easier with the proper planning in the early stages. A good website should be as easy to use as possible, look good and contain the content that customers are seeking, and ideally it should be compatible with mobile devices.

Guest author Lucy Matthews thinks it is crucial for businesses to keep up with technology and to have a good website to attract customers. She writes for a website that offers advice on remote backup services.

Photo credit: Duggan Colvard

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  1. Neil Ferree's Gravatar

    Posted by Neil Ferree on 23.04.13 at 1:48 pm

    in addition to the helpful tips you provided, i would add that you want to make sure your header and your footer have your phone# and are clickable on any mobile device
    Neil Ferree recently posted: Content Marketing with Authorship and DiY Process is the Perfect StormMy Profile

  2. James Denon's Gravatar

    Posted by James Denon on 23.04.13 at 1:48 pm

    Good article…especially the part about catering to search engines. On page SEO is more important than any other method of SEO if you put the right content on your page you’ll see a huge boost in search engine ranking.
    James Denon recently posted: New Pioneer Elite Receivers for 2013My Profile

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