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How to Effectively Use Social Media to Leverage Your Small Business

Using social media effectively involves carefully considering what you want to convey about your brand, how you are going to engage your target market and how you will manage your social profiles. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from popular Quora posts on the subject.

Thomas Hark, web designer

Here are 10 ways to create maximum info value with social media for small business:
#1. Make your social media more about you.
#2. Create orbits
#3. Share more
#4. Join the social network nirvana
#5. Engage
#6. Leverage yourself
#7. Aggregate your social streams
#8. Don’t get too attached to any one platform.
#9. Some industries suit social media
#10. Make social media your front line

Richard Francis, designer

Social media is not something you can just “leverage”. You can’t simply start tweeting and get a load of “ROI” (I hate these marketing terms with a passion).

Yeah sure, strategies or consultants may help (“social media consultants” are often full of hot air) but if you want to get going now, this is what you need to remember:

Have REAL conversations with people, listen to what they’re saying, and use what they’re telling you.
Be PASSIONATE about your product or service, and employ passionate people.

Fundamentally, the social web doesn’t allow us to do anything new. We’ve been communicating with each other for thousands of years, it’s just that now we’re doing it on a huge scale.

Fernando Fonseca
, Strategist. Noise Maker. Blogger.

To start with you have to feel comfortable with embracing social media. If you aren’t, there is no point in being there just because everyone is.

Then you need to see how can you take advantage of social media for you and to your client’s benefit. Depending on what business you are in you will need to do some research and see what are the best practices and what are the faux-pas and where you can improve what your competition is doing.

Some things to take in consideration:

Make social a media a part of your overall marketing strategy and not the center of your marketing strategy.
Social media is time intensive, specially when you start, and you should take this into account.You should look at it as an investment and allocate resources to it.
Be creative and understand the medium: On twitter, for example, don’t just push your product but put a face on the account; interact; engage; help for free: yes for free. It will come back.
Add value to your social media presence by making exclusive offers only available on Twitter or Facebook.

Without knowing what your business is it is very difficult to give real examples how you could put this to work. If you care to elaborate on that I will edit the answer in order to reflect that.

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