Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

How Online Gaming is Going Social

Courtesy of Santiago Raise

Social networks and gaming is the new trend these days. If we evaluate the influence of gaming, it was not as big earlier as it is today. Over the past few years, the gaming industry has brought in quite a few changes. Moreover, with the perfect combination of online gaming and … Read more

5 Ways to Re-Design Your Website for Greater Marketing Appeal

Courtesy of Pepper Givens

Whether you run your own website that you started straight out of college or simply consult on the design and function of others, it’s one of the most important things to do to remain relevant on the web is to keep learning and growing.

Part of this growth includes having the … Read more

Guide to Keeping Up With Twitter

Companies are not effectively responding to consumer complaints on Twitter (only 13% of complaints received a response). Of those that did respond to consumer complaints, over one third (37%) did so after 10 hours. Customers primarily use Twitter for store queries (48%), complaints (33%), and to leave feedback (10%), a small portion leaving complaints (9%).

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How Much Automation is Safe For Your Social Media Strategy?

Courtesy of Marcela De Vivo

Social media has quickly become one of the hottest online marketing tools out there, and there are more jobs in “social media marketing” popping up than ever before.

If you work in the social SEO space, you are forced to work in a field where new networks are popping up … Read more

Your Small Business Toolbox for Effective Marketing

Ready to capture leads, move through the marketing cycle, engage and manage your client base and attract qualified content to develop your business and increase sales? You are minutes away from learning to how using these marketing tools for small business success

Use surveys as a tool to gain insight into your target market’s need

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How to Effectively Market Your E-Book to Increase Sales

Perhaps you’ve just published a new e-book or have sat on your e-book for years and are not getting the sales you want. This post will help you to jump-start your e-book sales. I use a client’s sample e-book, called How to Journal for Hope and Happiness, to demonstrate how you can use … Read more

Building a Small Business Brand Online

Memorable branding is a key driver to helping businesses succeed. It’s a major influence in buying decisions (75%). Even though a small group of customers are loyal to a single brand (12% to 15%), they account for the bulk of purchases (55% to 70%).Effective use of social media is an important part of

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How Small Businesses are Competing with Big Brands

It can be disheartening to do a competitor analysis as a small business owner and discover that a very big fish has a titan grip over your target audience. There might still be hope for your small businesses, or you might need to zero in on a niche part of the marketplace that is under … Read more

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