Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Outrageous Social Media Blunders

What does Ashton Kutcher, Ragu and Anthony Weiner have in common? They have all made significant social media blunders, and likely all wish that social media activities came with an ‘undo’ button. You don’t need to inadvertently support a sex offender, offend the demographic you want to effect, or get caught sending a college … Read more

3 Steps to Small Business Success in a Socially Connected World

Small businesses can use social media to engage their fans and followers, and turn them into tomorrow’s clients. The key is to use Engagement Marketing which recognizes the importance of word of mouth referrals and social proof. The nuts and bolts of how to do this involves following three steps.

1. Create an extraordinary experience

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Important Role Color Plays in Marketplace Ads on Facebook

When creating marketplace ads to promote your brand and products on Facebook, the list of ways to obtain success is exceedingly long. Most tips you read touch on different ways to engage, different calls to action, different audiences to target for likes and overall fans, and a thousand other dos of the marketplace system.

That’s … Read more

Sleepio is an Innovative Startup That Will Help You Sleep Better

The first of its kind, Sleepio offers an online course based in CBT principle
s (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) that costs about the same as seeing a CBT specialist one time.

Poor sleep hygiene can effect how you feel and behave throughout the day. From feeling tired to irritable, the negative consequences can be overwhelming.

I Read more

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Coping With Time Restrictions

A chief complaint of small business owners I work with is that they don’t have enough time. If only there were more time in the day, they could setup a newsletter, manage a blog, engage their target markets on social media sites, etc. What would you do if you had more time?

Lets start

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To Quora or Not to Quora (Infographic)

Quora, the question and answer platform, is growing rapidly
in terms of site visits (812, 245 unique visits), funding ($61 million), and valuation (about $400 million). The questions are crowdsourced and have the added credibility associated with answers that can be upvoted and downvoted.

The Quora community does an excellent job of honing in on

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How Technology is Changing & Shaping the Business Landscape

Courtesy of Shelly Gill

In the 1950’s my father opened a small parts supply business. This was when the “Mom and Pop” stores thrived ̶ long before the commercial chain stores monopolized the marketplace. Back then, my father operated within 4 walls of merchandise, and a drawer that acted as a cash register.

There were … Read more

8 Things Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

Social Media Marketing Madness [cartoon]

Courtesy of Hannah Munson

As social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ get bigger and bigger, what more and more large companies are finding out is that they need a presence on these massive marketing gold mines. As you probably have noticed in the past few years, just about every brand you … Read more

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