Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

How B2B Companies Use Social Media


Guest post by Sylvia Jensen, the Director of EMEA Marketing at Eloqua

Apparently, way back in 2010, 294 billion emails were being sent every day. It’s probably a few more by now. It probably also feels like you send at least 2 billion of them, all saying the same thing over and over again. Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Leveraging Social Media For Your Small Business

This is a guest post by Emily Stewart.

Social media can help grow your small business, and improve your personal brand. In 2012, 87% of surveyed small business owners said that social media helped them grow their business this year. A reported 70% of those surveyed said that they’d seen an increase in how … Read more

The Anatomy of a Social Media Command Center

What is a social media command center and how can it help your business? A social media monitoring station or listening post is used to monitor your brand and how it’s being received by others. This can help you quickly deal with a potential PR crisis, negative press or complaints and find out what’s helping … Read more

Facebook 2012 Facts and Figures for Small Business Success

Facebook stats can help your small business by knowing who is using Facebook and how those in your target market are interacting with brands.

Facebook has more than one billion active users under its belt. Brands have multiple daily opportunities to interact with their target audience since a significant amount of users return daily (58

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The Simple Science of Facebook Engagement

More and more small businesses are adding Facebook as a tool to engage their target audiences. That’s because the vast majority of industry professionals have acquired a client using Facebook (a wopping 92 percent!).

Do you want to know the key to maximizing customer engagement on Facebook? If Facebook engagement were a science, this infographic

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Why Bending Over Backwards to Satisfy Moms is Good Business

Whether you offer B2B services to small businesses or household products, if moms are part of your target market, offering significant discounts to moms can be an effective way to promote your business.

Moms use social media more frequently and are more likely to have a Facebook page than the general population. Satisfied moms … Read more

How Off-Page SEO Will Get You Noticed by Search Engines

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization
This is a guest post by Matthew Marley, Online Strategy Manager at The Zen Agency

Any good SEO strategy requires Off-Page SEO which involves website owners going beyond their own website to promote their business and create a buzz online.

Search engines are designed to provide users with links to sites which are relevant … Read more

Moms and Social Media in 2012

Moms use social media more frequently and have more Facebook friends than the general population. And they are more likely to watch TV, movies or other videos, while using social media.

They are responsive to branding messages on social networks and have tremendous purchasing power. Moms are more likely to make a purchase based on

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