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How Slow Site Speeds Matter More Than Ever

Guest post by Frank Conley

In this infographic by wireless internet provider Zing Broadband, they take a look at how a load time of something as simple as 1 second, can impact your site. The larger your site is, the bigger the impact on your site is for a conversion.

How can we increase traffic and conversion rates are the top two things an online company is usually focused on. One of the most overlooked aspects of both of those is site speed.  Not only does site speed affect the way search engines crawl your site, but it also affects conversion rate.

Much like trending topics on twitter or hash tags, conversion is a huge topic of conversation for e-commerce business, especially around the holidays with black friday shopping, cyber monday and many people not wanting to deal with store traffic. Online shopping is more convenient and often you can find better deals online.

Slow Sites Cause Less Sales

For many shoppers, online shopping is the easiest way to shop and for many, the only way to shop. To be able to take advantage of those opportunities, it is important to have your site fully optimized for search, as well as being able to handle the traffic you’ll have. Making sure you’re site can handle the traffic quick enough, is crucial.

Typical aspects that may affect site speed are server issues, bandwidth, internet providers and a huge topic is load time. Shoppers expect your page to load fast, whether they are shopping on a typical desktop or laptop, as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With nearly 10% of shopping now done via mobile device, you’re going to want to make sure your site is up to speed.

Author Bio: Frank is a freelance writer and tech geek who likes to test wireless internet plans for speed.

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