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Top 5 Facebook Best Practices for Small Businesses

1. Make commenting easy and be strategic. One way to do this is to use “fill in the blank” questions, such as “I love to blog about _____.” You can use this technique  to get customers talking about your product, get feedback on new features, and get ideas on new services you want to offer. These types of post generate a whopping 90 percent more engagement than the average post.

You can also use the Question feature to ask multiple choice questions. Be strategic with your questions by asking questions about new product ideas, customer feedback, and customer service features.

2. Structure your posts in a way that increases engagement. Short posts are more engaging than longer posts. More precisely, posts between 100 and 250 characters receive about 60 percent more likes, comments and shares than those that exceed 250 characters.

Are you familiar with emoticons? They are symbols that convey emotion. Try introducing emoticons into your posts, but don’t go overboard (we’ve all seen what overboard looks like :):D:):D:):D!).  Emoticons can increase shares by 33 percent and likes by 57 percent.

3. Make your fans feel special. Consider offering deals exclusively to your fans. For example, you can give them a unique coupon code to use when they make a purchase on your website. Give your fans access to information that no one else has, such as letting them know about product launches.

4. Use Facebook Page Insights to find out what’s working. Perhaps your fans are more responsive to you posting at certain times or to certain types of posts, such as questions, comics and quotes.

Keep an eye on what you want to achieve and zero in on Facebook Page Insights metrics to gauge how well you are doing.

5. Use multimedia to engage fans. You are more likely to engage with content that is visually rich. This translates into posting photos and videos which increases engagement by 120 percents and 100 percent, respectively.

Being successful with your Facebook strategy is part art, part science. Make sure you create an experience for your fans that somehow improves their lives, even in a very small way. That’s the art. The science comes in where we use what we know about statistics, as shown above, to strategically craft the way you engage your fans.

Photo credit: Zack Lipovetsky

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