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Moms and Social Media in 2012

Moms use social media more frequently and have more Facebook friends than the general population. And they are more likely to watch TV, movies or other videos, while using social media.

They are responsive to branding messages on social networks and have tremendous purchasing power. Moms are more likely to make a purchase based on recommendations on a social networking site (42 percent vs. 29 percent for non-moms).

How can you reach moms using social media? It’s important to understand how mothers are interacting with brands online to effectively target your social media efforts.

Moms and Social Media in 2012

Happy moms can be strong brand advocates. They are more likely to recommend brands using social networking sites (59 percent vs. 44 percent), more likely to talk about brands they follow on Facebook (49 percent vs. 33 percent), more likely to link to a brand ad (52 percent vs. 40 percent) and more likely post to a brand ad (43 percent vs. 23 percent).

Moms are most responsive to brands that interact with them online, using social networking. They are more likely to follow brands, where there is an opportunity to interact with website authors (29 percent vs. 17 percent). They are also more likely to believe that their opinions voiced on social networks influence brands.

Moms are also the primary decision makers in a household, including purchasing decisions. This purchasing power even relates to products where men are primary consumers.

Listen carefully to moms and their needs. This is the demography that you will want to spend the most time satisfying.

Make sure you provide moms with many opportunities to voice their opinions online, and provide superior customer service options on social networks. And, make sure you give them the tools to easily convey positive word of mouth about your brand to their social networks.

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    Posted by shelly gill on 24.10.12 at 12:07 am

    As a mom and a writer, I love this!!!!

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