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Signs You’re Suffering From the Social Sickness

The Social Sickness

Do you use the Like button instead of posting a comment? Do you checkin to locations when driving by? Do you regularly check your level of online influence? Have you abolished vowels from your vocabulary?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a social sickness.

Most habits that lead to the social sickness relate to obsessive and repetitive tendencies. Perhaps you have set your phone to receive alerts every time you receive a tweet, Facebook comment or when a new person follows you on Pinterest. You might regularly check social influence sites like Klout and even used Wahooly to cash in on your social capital. Whether you are constantly checking in, Liking or checking your Instagram, you live online. Your life revolves around such events leaving personal hygiene to fall by the wayside.

Regular social media use can lead to a stunted view of the yourself and the world around you. You may identify with grandiose terms such as “social media guru.” Your emotional well being it tied to whether or not your social sites are running smoothly.

Regular interaction with social media can severely bastardize the way your speak. You may have a total aversion to vowels on Twitter. You side step any type of cognitive processes with the knee jerk phase “read my blog.” Vowels are seen as fillers and must be abolished. Another common social sickness relates to made up verbs whether it’s stumbling this or tweeting that.

You are not well, but you are certainly not alone.

What type of unhealthy activity surrounding social media use has become a regular part of your day? How do these activities adversely effect your health?

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