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5 Tricks to Increase Your Employee Productivity

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This is a guest post by Irene Chen

One of the most fundamental errors that any employer or business manager can make is to regard their employees as costs and not assets. It’s a known fact in the world of commerce and industry that a satisfied employee will be more productive. Once that fact has been taken on board, it is in the employer’s interest to discover the best and most efficient ways of keeping their employees satisfied and therefore more productive.

Here are five suggested methods:

1. The first fundamental trick that will go a long way in increasing employee productivity is to maximize efficiency of work surrounding and equipment. In an increasingly computer based environment employees asked to make do with outdated and underpowered computers, with the old and huge computer screens will be considerably less efficient than those who are provided with the latest in computer software.

2. The same rule of thumb will also apply to creature comforts. Rickety and broken office furniture, worn carpeting and inferior lighting will be the worst form of false economy any employer can make. An employee, who is reminded at every time that their boss appreciates their efforts and is prepared to invest in them, will return that investment many times over.

3. Workers on the factory floor, in the stockrooms, as part of an outside service crew or driving the company trucks should also be given a feeling that they belong, by being given similar perks. A great way to foster employee identity is by providing uniforms for all the workers. Uniformity not only increases the company’s image but also will go a long way in helping the employees to identify with the company.

4. Irrespective of which section of the company that employees work in, employees should be encouraged to interact and mingle at the staff canteen, office parties, and work outings which might even stretch as far as an occasional weekend.

5. Employees should be encouraged to enhance their skills and knowledge through training schemes, either in-house or at local colleges. Contributory pension schemes are also a tremendous incentive for increasing company loyalty and with it productivity.

These are just a few of the steps that a company that cares about their employees and wants to increase their productivity should take. Although there will be costs involved, they will be more or less guaranteed to bring the desired results to maintain a satisfied and settle staff. Happy staff will tell their friends about their great working environment and when a job opportunity opens, the chances are that there will be a queue around the block to fill any position that such a solid company has on offer.

Irene is a corporate interior specialist distributing office partitions and office furniture. Irene has been blogging for about 4 years helping business owners to get the most of their office space.

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