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How Small Businesses Can Turn Pinners into Purchasers

Pinners are a force to be reckoned with, and their purchasing potential is enormous. They make up the third largest social network, hit 10 million in record time and can be a huge source of traffic for your website, traffic that has a strong reputation for converting into customers.

If you’ve been lukewarm about whether to develop a Pinterest strategy to market your small business and know your target market uses Pinterest, consider this post a swift kick in the pants! Wake up.

Users that are referred to a website from Pinterest are more likely to make a purchase and on average spend more than if they were referred by other social networks.

Pinterest Purchasing Power


Develop an effective Pinterest strategy. Just like Twitter and Facebook, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy to maximizes your chance of success. Your Pinterest strategy should be fully integrated with your existing marketing communications plan.

Your Pinterest activities don’t exist in a vacuum. You need to consider overall branding, marketing goals and even offline marketing efforts. There are no shortcuts here.

Use call-to-actions. Pins that have a call-to-actions increase engagement by 80 percent.

Use keywords in your description. Pinners will use certain search terms to find your pin. Choose keywords that will get your pins found.

Monitor what’s working and why. Pinerly provides a Pinterest dashboard that has Pinterest analytics where you can measure how your content performs after it is posted and lets you know ideal times to post to drive traffic and get the highest returns from future posts.

What are more tips on how small businesses can effectively use Pinterest?

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