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3 Steps to Small Business Success in a Socially Connected World

Small businesses can use social media to engage their fans and followers, and turn them into tomorrow’s clients. The key is to use Engagement Marketing which recognizes the importance of word of mouth referrals and social proof. The nuts and bolts of how to do this involves following three steps.

1. Create an extraordinary experience for your customer. Whether it’s offline or online, do something that makes your brand memorable. You want people talking about you at the kitchen table. Yes, effective marketing can be that far reaching!

As part of my small business coaching services, I often offer a portion of what you sell for free (so customers know what you’re capable of). This be an excellent way to demonstrate your competencies to prospective clients. How you choose to wow your fans, followers and prospective clients depends on your product or service and the industry you are in.

2. Inspire fans and followers to stay in touch. Keep them coming back for more. Perhaps you regularly offer special reports, run contests or have a blog with ongoing fresh material to educate potential clients. This will help increase the loyalty of your fans and followers, gently nudging them through the sale’s funnel.

The Engagement Marketing Cycle

3. Engage others by sharing content that’s worth passing along and responding to. Whole conversations can happen around content whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

What is share worthy depends on your target market. For example, many of my readers love helpful infographics, so there is an opportunity to grow to nurture this group by providing them with a steady stream of infographics by following me on Pinterest. The infographics are often repined, which exposes new audiences to my content.

Following the three steps with help you steamline your business processes, develop a loyal fan base and word of mouth referrals.

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