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Sleepio is an Innovative Startup That Will Help You Sleep Better

The first of its kind, Sleepio offers an online course based in CBT principle
s (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) that costs about the same as seeing a CBT specialist one time.

Poor sleep hygiene can effect how you feel and behave throughout the day. From feeling tired to irritable, the negative consequences can be overwhelming.

I have been using Sleepio for two weeks now and qhave already noticed an improvement in my sleep. Sleepio proves that small changes to your sleeping environment, such as a bedroom with the right temperature and lighting can made big differences in sleep quality.

10 percent of the population experiences chronic sleep difficulties. Part of these difficulties lie in a vicious cycle that starts with negative thoughts about sleep, such as thinking you will not sleep a wink to feeling anxious about thoughts of not being able to function to actualizing your fears. Sleepio helps you escape this vicious cycle.

This is what I like about Sleepio:

  • Capitalizes on the power of technology
  • Educational component that empowers you to make effective changes to your sleep habits
  • Very user-friendly and accessible
  • Provides community support
  • Able to access a library of information and useful downloads
  • Make developing great sleep habits an easy endevor
  • Rooted in science and CBT principles

Sleepio has a character called the Prof who walks you through the entire course, step-by-step. Your progress is tracked and you choose the goals you want to focus on achieving.

The core of the course is six weeks long.

Here are a few snippets of information you will delve into a bit deeper:

  • What causes poor sleep
  • Importance of sleep efficiency
  • How your lifestyle effects your sleep
  • Myths busting what you know about sleep
  • The role caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, diet, exercise, bedding and light has on your sleep
Good luck with improving your sleep. Sweet dreams!

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