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How Technology is Changing & Shaping the Business Landscape

Courtesy of Shelly Gill

In the 1950’s my father opened a small parts supply business. This was when the “Mom and Pop” stores thrived ̶ long before the commercial chain stores monopolized the marketplace. Back then, my father operated within 4 walls of merchandise, and a drawer that acted as a cash register.

There were no cell phones or internet, no debit/credit card transactions, and certainly no compact personal computers! Businesses and life moved at a much SLOWER pace.

Fast-forward to today

Now we have smart phones and even smarter computers! We have the internet ̶ one of the greatest discoveries of all time. At superman speed, while sitting in front of a computer, we can easily conduct business; file our taxes, order clothing and home goods, and even order groceries–without ever leaving our homes! Technology affects almost every aspect of our business and personal lives.

Modern technology has allowed us to easily connect with global marketplaces, and opened the door to telecommuting.

The internet has also given many parents the chance to start small businesses from home, promoting a better work-life balance.

Modern technology has opened the doors to at-home shopping ̶ it is literally possible to become a hermit and never leave the house! Everything can be delivered to your front door in a matter of days.

In the past, if you needed a gift, you went to the local store and purchased it. Today, we have a whole host of options:

Take “AlphabetPIX” as an example: An on-line business

You can log onto their website and with 3 simple clicks you design your own art. You can browse through 1000+ professional photos and create any name or saying that you wish, and you then pick the frame style.

This process skips over the lengthy steps of taking pictures, buying a frame, and designing letters. Something my father certainly never even imagined.

These days, my 70+ year old parents still don’t own a cell phone, shop on-line, or know what twitter is. Yet, my young daughter can get on-line and navigate a laptop computer like a champ. And luckily because of my internet based at-home business, I am fortunate to witness it all!

Shelly Gill is the founder of gillgal media. She works with numerous clients to develop web-based and print media content while providing services in the areas of creative writing, blogs, press releases, sales collateral and more. Shelly is a regular contributor to Main Line Parent Magazine.

An entrepreneur at heart, she is passionate about her career and that passion comes through in every project on which she works!  Shelly resides in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia with her husband, feisty daughter, and small pup. For the latest technology, social media, and small business news, follow her on Twitter.

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