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8 Things Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

Social Media Marketing Madness [cartoon]

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As social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ get bigger and bigger, what more and more large companies are finding out is that they need a presence on these massive marketing gold mines. As you probably have noticed in the past few years, just about every brand you can think of has some sort of social media presence.

Well, with all of these companies creating profiles and pages, they will need someone to manage it. Since social media marketing positions are relatively new, many companies often don’t know what to look for when hiring somebody to market their social media presence.

If you’re currently in the field or you’re thinking about breaking into it, here are 8 things that you should know to make yourself stand out:

#1 Why People Share

When dealing with social media sites, you have to understand that you’re dealing with people. What you need to understand is why they share. A good way to generally find out is just by browsing your own Facebook or Twitter feed.

What are people sharing? What are they talking about? People love to share things that are unique, fun and entertaining.

#2 How to Build a Community

Let’s face it – people don’t want to “like” or “follow” you if you’re just spitting out random pages from your website. This isn’t fun! Instead, you have to think of ways to get people that stick.

Whether you offer contests, promote your community on your website or have your customers spread the word, you need incentives to get people to like you. Most of the time, many of your visitors will “like” or “follow” you because they truly believe in your product.

#3 It’s Time to Interact

Don’t just post about yesterday’s news. Instead, you’re going to want to get the community involved. Let’s say that you owned a dog grooming service and you had 200 fans. Don’t just post boring stuff such as, “It’s a beautiful day! Don’t forget to bring your dog in soon!” Instead, keep your brand in the customers’ mind.

Post something along the lines of “What’s your favorite part of a groomed dog?” or maybe even post a picture of a huge dog that came into your shop. You need to make people interact and be entertained.

#4 Make it Searchable

Yes, people do search Twitter and Facebook. Using that dog grooming service again, if you’re running one, make sure that you have those keywords on your page.  For instance, you could use “Barb’s Dog Grooming Services – Atlanta, GA.”  That way, you can have a few popular keywords and you can target your local demographic.

Don’t know what kind of keywords to use? Consider using the Google Keyword Tool.

#5 Deal with the Negative Reviews

People are going to leave negative reviews on your page all the time. While you don’t want to be a Nazi and moderate everything that you have come your way, it’s important to show the public that you know how to deal with bad situations.

So, if Susan stated that her dog’s hair was cut too short, maybe you could say, “Hey! I’m sorry about what happened, come on in next time and we will give you a free session.” Customers may take note of this and think, “Wow, what a great thing to do, it’s about time a local groomer cared about their customer.”

#6 Measure with Analytics

Twitter, Facebook and Google all have great analytics packages to show where people are coming from, how many likes you’re getting and what people are interacting with. Take advantage of this and see what’s working and what’s not!

The Internet is all about numbers and split testing. If something isn’t working, ditch it out the window. If something explodes keep replicating it in a unique way.

#7 Know how to Work with Ads

Whether you’re working on your own or with a Fortune 500 company, they may want to reach out and reach the masses. One of the greatest ways to promote your page is simply by running small ads on the side.

Like the analytics, learn how to effectively market. What you’re going to find is that if you have a successful ad campaign, you can draw in thousands of new faces easily.

#8 Be a Person

Lastly, don’t automate anything on your Facebook and Twitter. The users don’t want to hear about every single new blog post you have. While you can tie those things in with updates, don’t talk about your company each time.

By bringing other people into the conversation and being innovative and different each time, there’s no reason you can’t succeed as a marketer!

Hannah runs the website, a place where people can find the prices on just about anything. Whether it’s a surgery or home appliance, there’s a guide located here!

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  1. Jerry D Ross's Gravatar

    Posted by Jerry D Ross on 17.09.12 at 5:30 am

    Great insight into using social media. #8 especially caught my interest… Be a person… how true!

  2. Susan Silver's Gravatar

    Posted by Susan Silver on 17.09.12 at 5:30 am

    I do agree with #5 and #7.

    Never ignore negative reviews. If you can say something about it, then do. A customer you convert from a negative to positive is worth a lot to your business. They will always remember what you did for them.

    Even though I am still just a blogger with a small business I have been looking into advertising. We will see how this goes over the next few months. I am interested in seeing how ads compare to traffic from social media or organic search.

  3. Becca's Gravatar

    Posted by Becca on 17.09.12 at 5:30 am

    Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. People using social media to search for reviews and ideas.It not only helps you get traffic from search engines as well as generate good backlinks regularly.
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