Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Your Small Business Toolbox for Effective Marketing

Ready to capture leads, move through the marketing cycle, engage and manage your client base and attract qualified content to develop your business and increase sales? You are minutes away from learning to how using these marketing tools for small business success

Use surveys as a tool to gain insight into your target market’s need and purchasing habits. Surveys should ideally be under five minutes. Embed videos on your site to increase conversion rate; this is also an ingredient to creating a winning brand.

Craft the perfect landing page to promote your services. The marketing copy is sound and your leading your market down your sales funnel. Be strategic and purposeful.

You only have eights seconds to engage your target audience. Look at your Google Analytics and pay attention to bounce rate. You many need to re-write part of your landing page and/or concentrate on re-branding.

Toolbox of the Small Business Marketing Cycle

Regularly measure what’s working. Don’t just write the page and forget about it. Consider it a dynamic page. You should always strive to improve your copy.

Focus on tailoring copy that is above the fold. Users spend more of their time above the fold (80%), so that’s where a significant amount of your actionables, branding characteristics, and a demonstration of key benefits should live.

Registration attendance for webinars that are open call are quite low (33%), so there is something to be said about having people pay for your webinars; therefore, they are more likely to attend (95.6%).

Most people prefer to fill out online forms (95%), and since only 15% to 25% of business documents are online, there might be some room for improvement, that and 10,000 trees were killed in the U.S. on printing and copy paper. Be environmentally conscious and experience some of the goodwill that comes with announcing your help in protecting the environment.

Effectively manage your companies, using CRMs and internal databases to increase revenue (41%), decrease costs in sales and marketing (23%). Loyal customers generate 80% of profits. Manage your data effectively.

Social, emails, surveys and blogs, when used strategically, can take advantage of growing social media networks. This is where a comprehensive campaign comes into play. Good content is the primary reason why people start following you (95%). Tweeple are more likely to unfollow people if they tweet about themselves excessively (34%) and just too much, in general (66%).

Beware that tweeple sometimes mass follow and unfollow to get more followers. Don’t be seduced by a person’s large follower count. Klout will give you an indicator about their online influence, and help you navigate through the riff-raff.

How do you benchmark to determine the success of your social media campaign? Look for a 20% open rate and 4.5% click-through rate. Sites that blog receive 97% more inbound traffic. An effective landing page with solid marketing copy is integral to moving clients through the sales funnel.

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