Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Are You Guilty of These Social Media Mistakes?

Are you a reckless poker? Do you invite everyone to everything? Are you guilty of over-commenting? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might just be issued a social media citation.

Here are some major social media faux pas’ that I’ve encountered a lot over the last few months.

Excessive activity

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Is Google+ a Failure? (Infographic)

Published by Browser MediaHere’s what’s noteworthy about this infographic:

If we look at mere traffic alone, Google Plus doesn’t appear to be doing a bad a job, but dig a little deeper and Google Plus needs to play some serious catch up. If Google Plus continues to perform poorly on key metrics, this could

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How To Boost Your Business With YouTube

Courtesy of Lisa Ostrowercha

If you want people to see your video, you can’t have it sitting idle on a static website. YouTube is a major social media player. People are very visual and videos seem to capture more engagement from friends and followers than standard text tweets and posts put together. Host your video … Read more

How to Develop an Effective Pinterest Strategy

Courtesy of Kristie Lewis

Pinterest has 12 million users, so naturally, you want a piece of the pie, right? Pinterest allows its users to create collages of products, recipes and photos that represent their interests. It’s easy. It’s fun. Some people even say it’s addictive. But how can your company benefit from it?

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