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Building a Small Business Brand Online

Memorable branding is a key driver to helping businesses succeed. It’s a major influence in buying decisions (75%). Even though a small group of customers are loyal to a single brand (12% to 15%), they account for the bulk of purchases (55% to 70%).Effective use of social media is an important part of brand success, with 1 in 5 tweets being related to brands. Folks are very likely or somewhat likely to respond to brand offers made on social networks when posted by a friend (75%), when on a brand’s social network page or when on their personal news feed or board (68%) and on social media ads (54%).Use key visual elements with your brand to increase the likelihood of people interacting with your brand, such as pictures, status updates, videos, jokes and cartoons, and links to articles.

Building a Small Business Brand Online

The 11 steps to follow for brand success can be grouped in the following 3 small business tips:

1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and be memorable. When coming up with a business name that is short and concise, make sure it’s unique. Not only do you want your name to stand apart from your competition and be kept front of mind, you want to be able to setup ‘listening stations’, such as by using Google Alerts to keep track of what is being said about your brand. Vancity bank has trouble monitoring their brand sentiment because the city ‘Vancouver’ is nicknamed ‘Vancity’. See the problem?

What else sets you apart? Factors such as market reputation, innovative methods for meeting your target markets needs, being a trendsetter, having a distinctive personality and a one-of-a-kind website will make your stick out.

2. Engage your target audience. This involves active community management on social networks, forums, wikis and blogs.

3. Take a stand by being a thought leader, identifying a purpose or cause that resonates with your target audience, and making a brand promise on how you will meet their needs.

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