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Small Business Success on a Shoestring Budget

Budget PigWhether you’re a mother that works part-time, semi-retired, a workshop leader or a seasoned consultant, chances are you can benefit from unique and creative ways to stretch your cash and maximize your revenue.

The secret to getting

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the most mileage for you buck is to work around budget restrictions, maximize what you have financially and make the resources you do have work for you.

You also need to be judicial about your time. Know when to delegate work so you can focus on using your core strengths to benefit your small business. Know who to hire to capitalize on their strengths and more effective economies of scale.

Perhaps you’re using excessive amounts of time on administrative work because you don’t have enough financial resources to outsource this work. I’ve listed some creative solutions to address this issue so you can focus on what you do best.

Perhaps your company lacks direction and is not profitable because you don’t have a marketing department or small business consultant. Hiring marketing help, even on a temporary basis, can serve as a compass giving you the direction you need to expand your business.

Hire a marketing consultant that works exclusively with small businesses and has experience using social media as part of an approach that is fully integrated with a strategic marketing campaign.

1. Need your WordPress error / problem solved? Need a graphic image–such as a logo or banner–designed? Need an article written for your blog? Want a cartoon version of you for your website or business card? You can get tasks like these solved for $5 on Fiverr. Users rate sellers on Fiverr, so you know exactly what to expect.

2. Need an affordable, custom-made web page design? Get a unique web page design in under a week, from just $599 from 99designs. Simply host your own “design contest” and choose from dozens of designers that submit  web design concepts for you.

3. Need a virtual assistant that offers round the clock service for an unlimited number of basic tasks for $69 per month? You get exactly that when you signup for TimeSvr.

4. Read my blog to learn about how you can use social media to help your business succeed.

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  1. Susan Silver's Gravatar

    Posted by Susan Silver on 27.08.12 at 5:30 am

    I was considering getting a Virtual Assistant. This is very helpful. Thanks.

  2. linda carter's Gravatar

    Posted by linda carter on 27.08.12 at 5:30 am

    Ive just had my website updated. I suppose I am on google search engines.

    I have not had any traffice and am searching for someone who can market my website.

    is this costly? I dont really want the program, Im hoping to find someone who can help.

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