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How To Boost Your Business With YouTube

Courtesy of Lisa Ostrowercha

If you want people to see your video, you can’t have it sitting idle on a static website. YouTube is a major social media player. People are very visual and videos seem to capture more engagement from friends and followers than standard text tweets and posts put together. Host your video on YouTube where it’s more likely to be found, viewed, and shared. You can brand your YouTube channel and even create a special URL.

Ensure you stick with consistent branding across all of your social media; for example our YouTube channel is,, and Choose a memorable name appropriate to your brand and check that it is available across the board. Be aware that some platforms like Twitter limit the number of characters and others limit the types of characters; i.e., no symbols can be included.

The additional benefit of hosting your video on YouTube is that it’s a free account providing measurement tools of how many views you are getting along with significant discovery events like referrals, mobile device views, likes, ratings, and audience demographics. This can be very helpful when you are trying to determine which promotional video campaigns are most effective with your target audience and you can adjust future video projects accordingly.

Design Your Channel

Like most social media, you are able to choose a theme and color for your channel and organize your videos to play automatically, in a particular order, searchable by specific and relevant tag words, and with comments monitored and enabled.

We recommend including a link to your website and a short bio about your business in the profile section YouTube has for this purpose.

Setting a Default Video

Once you’ve uploaded several promotional videos to your channel, select which one you want featured. If you decide to set it to play automatically, it will not count toward the visible ‘views’ numbers displayed on the Youtube site. YouTube wants all measured counts to reflect only viewer initiated views — this way counts are more accurate in gathering demographics etc.

If you wish to embed your video on your website, go to your YouTube channel, and grab the embed code. As you do so, de-select the option to “show suggested videos when the video finishes”. You don’t want to distract visitors to leave your site! YouTube also offers custom sizing options — a nice little bonus.

Lisa Ostrowercha is a co-founder and Creative Director of Original Ginger a Digital Agency located in the heart of historic Fort Langley, BC, Canada. We combine big agency expertise with boutique quality service to assist businesses with strategic digital marketing plans, brand discovery, website design and development, video production, marketing, social media, and more.

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  1. Shamelle@PromoteYouTubeVideos's Gravatar

    Posted by Shamelle@PromoteYouTubeVideos on 06.08.12 at 5:30 am now is the second most used search engine (next to king Google). It would only be a matter of time before advertisers/marketers (including all major corporations) took notice of the value of this amount of views and would devise plans to take prime advantage of this phenomenon. For example, Dell attributes 2 million of its sales to YouTube.

    Good content – bottom line – content is king. Nothing can replace good content. If your goal is to have a video go viral, your content should hopefully accomplish the following.

    Share-worthy – Your video should make viewers want to share with friends. It’s best if this increases your views exponentially, meaning every 1 viewer passes it to at least 2 people.
    Replay Value – Your video should cause viewers to want to replay it.
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  2. Carey Martell's Gravatar

    Posted by Carey Martell on 06.08.12 at 5:30 am

    Content may be king but if nobody knows your content exists then nobody is sharing it either.

    It used to be very easy to make a video go viral but all the recent changes to Youtube PLUS that more videos are being uploaded every day means much of the content is dead in the water. You do have to post on other websites to get traffic to your channel’s videos.

    I think the current strategy shouldn’t even be to concern yourself with subscribers. Just get as many embedded video views as you can from marketing your own websites where the videos are embedded.
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  3. Samuel's Gravatar

    Posted by Samuel on 06.08.12 at 5:30 am

    The other time, i wanted to upload and design my youtupe page. I found it hard to upload, so i don’t whether they have review the upload Terms and Condition. Also can i get a post on designing my page?
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