Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Building a Small Business Brand Online

Memorable branding is a key driver to helping businesses succeed. It’s a major influence in buying decisions (75%). Even though a small group of customers are loyal to a single brand (12% to 15%), they account for the bulk of purchases (55% to 70%).Effective use of social media is an important part of

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How Small Businesses are Competing with Big Brands

It can be disheartening to do a competitor analysis as a small business owner and discover that a very big fish has a titan grip over your target audience. There might still be hope for your small businesses, or you might need to zero in on a niche part of the marketplace that is under … Read more

Small Business Success on a Shoestring Budget

Budget PigWhether you’re a mother that works part-time, semi-retired, a workshop leader or a seasoned consultant, chances are you can benefit from unique and creative ways to stretch your cash and maximize your revenue.

The secret to getting the most mileage for you buck is to work around budget restrictions, maximize what you have financially and … Read more

Hire a Social Media Intern for Better Time Management

Courtesy of Susan Wells

Every business—no matter if you’re a small auto insurance company or a fortune 500 like  Geico—can benefit from having a strong marketing campaign. After all, more online “followers” and “friends” typically translate into more real life sales and brand recognition. So you want to get involved in all social media platforms, … Read more

How to Promote Professional Services Using Social Media?

 Social Media Marketing and Video Production in 2010  Courtesy of Alicia

Ever struggled to work out your next step to stay ahead of the competition? Ever wondered why someone who offers the exact same service as you is getting way more business? Marketing in general and promotions in particular can be a difficult minefield for most business owners, leading to failed promotions and … Read more

5 Essential Ingredients for Successful Facebook Marketing

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Ytterberg

These days it seems like most businesses have a Facebook Page. Your florist has a Facebook Page. Your plumber has a Facebook Page. And your competitors definitely have a Facebook Page. With more than 900 million users, businesses today cannot afford to miss out on the increased brand recognition that stems … Read more

4 Ways to Re-Design Your Website for Greater Marketing Appeal

Courtesy of Pepper Givens

Whether you run your own website that you started straight out of college or simply consult on the design and function of others, one of the most important things to do so you remain relevant on the web is to keep learning and growing. Part of this growth includes having the … Read more

Online Marketing and the Impact of Calls to Action

call to action

Whether you are using social media or email marketing, you need a call to action (CTA). For those unfamiliar with this term, a call to action is a banner, button, graphic or text that encourages users to click through and continue in the direction of a conversion. Online marketing experts encourage CTAs across all social … Read more

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