Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

Socialympics and the Twitter Games (Infographic)

Socialympics and The Twitter Games

Published by ExactTarget

As people all over the world clamor around their TV’s and PC’s to catch a glimpse of the opening ceremonies and route for their home teams to bring in the gold, there is another type of competition related to the Olympics that is well underway. People across the globe are weighing in

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From Facebook Likes to Buys (Infographic)

From Likes to Buys: Shoppers Are Using Social Media to Find Reliable Brands

This is a useful infographic because it looks at demographics pulled from user profiles that act as indicators of who is likely to interact with your brand via social media, how they choose to do this and why.

A quick way to use this infographic is to determine your target audience based on gender, age

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4 Ways to Build Links to Your Website (Infographic)

4 Ways to Build Links to Your Website

Here’s what’s noteworthy about this infographic published by Wow Internet. It promotes great posting hygiene, that’s right. What do you do after you publish a post? Do you bookmark that post on bookmarking sites that work for your subject matter? If no one has ever told you to do this, allow me to be

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Top 9 Tips for Using Twitter for Business

Courtesy of Sookie Shuen

1. Hashtags

You should familiarize yourself with this symbol (i.e., #) and make it your friend. Put this hashtag in front of a keyword or your company website and Twitter will convert these hashtagged words into searchable keywords. What does this mean for you? Anyone searching for something can find all … Read more

Facebook Apps to Utilize for Your Growing Business

Courtesy of Alvina Lopez

It makes me cringe when I hear people talking about the absurdities of business Facebook pages. In a day and age where almost anyone and everyone is plugged in and socially engaged, why should a business pass up the opportunity to reach out and connect with its customer base?

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A Guide to Social Media Images—Infographic

At Original Ginger, we know how difficult it can be for businesses to keep track of all of the latest social media trends and platforms. Currently, there are at least five major platforms that you should be considering for your business: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and yes…. even Pinterest! But each and every one … Read more

Top 8 Tips for Using Facebook for Business

Courtesy of Sookie Shuen

1. Ask questions

This is one of the easiest ways of engaging with people on Facebook: ask questions. People love to talk about themselves and offer their thoughts – and the more comments and “Likes” you get, the better your post will do.

Keywords such as “where”, “when”, “would” and “should” … Read more

Top 6 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business

Courtesy of Sookie Shuen

1. Complete your personal profile

Setup and complete a personal profile. Be very thorough and provide a lot of information in your LinkedIn profile. The more complete your profile, the easier it will be for people to find you through search engines. Make sure your summary is complete and include a … Read more

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