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Facebook Apps Are Leaking Your Info

Courtesy of Jane Andrew

Facebook apps are secretly leaking out your personal info, even though you are not aware of the apps sharing your personal data flow with your friends to their friends. The privacy policy of Facebook claims that they are trying to increase the importance of their personal information security. The loopholes allow Facebook apps to share some of your personal information with people outside of your friend’s list even though you might have every privacy measure enabled on Facebook.

Take for example the birthday app. Even if you set your profile’s privacy to disallow anyone from seeing your birth date, the app still notifies everyone on your list when your birthdate is near. Facebook’s privacy loopholes are apparently leaving even mobile phone spy apps in the dust in this regard.

Doesn’t Matter If You Use Their Apps

Gaming apps are very addictive to most of the users and also very popular. So even if you do not use any other apps on Facebook, your personal information could be made available to your friends if they use these apps. Also, Skype is one of the most popular communication client softwares through which people sometimes share their personal information on their profiles. This data is all collected and unprotected.

Your data penetrates through your friend’s apps to their friends and so on. In this manner they might trigger your comfortable state with your friends knowing your birthday is nearby and having them post gifts and messages but you would definitely not feel comfortable when strangers start doing the same. Previously people had to worry about mobile phone spy apps, but not anymore it seems.

How Do They Do It

There is an option in your privacy setting “How people bring your data into the apps they use”. It carries out your personal information when they are using the apps, games and websites and so on to their friends as well. Many of the users need to be aware of it before any kind of embarrassing situation is created for you by strangers.

It has a wide range of categories like your bio, Birthday, My links, My notes, My photos, If you’re online, My videos and many of your more personal daily activities on Facebook. Android monitoring app has strangled people for a while now, this news only adds to the trouble.

How To Protect your privacy on Facebook

Breaking the access between your personal information and apps isn’t so tough. Here’s what you have to do.

1. Go to your privacy settings page on Facebook

2. Select “Edit settings” beside “Apps and Websites”

3. Click “Edit Settings” next to  “How people bring your info to apps they use”

4. Uncheck any items that you do not want the apps to use,  such as photos, birthday or if you’re online. But on the down side you won’t be able to use any games or apps yourself either.

Jane Andrew is the author of She provides tips, tricks about cell phone security and privacy. You can also follow her on Twitter @janeandrew01 to get the latest tips about cell phone security.

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  1. Jeremiah Ozment's Gravatar

    Posted by Jeremiah Ozment on 18.06.12 at 5:30 am

    I have always felt that these Apps in Facebook they just run after you!

    I mean everyone must have felt it, I have made it an habit of not accepting any apps request on facebook, I sincerely don’t trust them!
    Jeremiah Ozment recently posted: Law Firms Search Engine Optimization – 1st Component “On Page Optimization”My Profile

  2. Meygann's Gravatar

    Posted by Meygann on 18.06.12 at 5:30 am

    Thanks for the help.. Actually, a lot of people will benefit from this post shared for us regarding Facebook apps and our privacy as the user.. Thanks!
    Meygann recently posted: Hosted SharepointMy Profile

  3. Darin Spears's Gravatar

    Posted by Darin Spears on 18.06.12 at 5:30 am

    Loved the cartoon! I think you have hit the Bull’s eye here!

    This is so true it seems that most of the apps are designed so that they can extract private and vital information about you!

    Never ever trust them!
    Darin Spears recently posted: Why has the average software engineering salary increased in the past couple of years and will it continue to rise?My Profile

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