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4 Steps to Stunning Images for Your Blog

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

1. Find images you can use

If you’re looking for images online, it’s imperative to check licensing restrictions. If you don’t want to pay for licensing, try searching for creative commons-licensed images. You can find these on the Creative Commons website, Pixabay or Flickr’s creative common search.

Flickr’s creative commons search gives you multiple sizing options as well as licensing information.


Check the license on any images you use, because there are several types of Creative Commons licenses. Ensure that you always include credit for the images you use and adhere to any other license restrictions like not editing the image.

2. Choose high quality images

Using a high-quality image will give your readers a better first impression of the overall quality of your blog’s content.


When choosing images to use on your blog, always give preference to those that are high quality. These will not only look better, but generally give you more options when it comes to resizing and editing.

If you need to shrink an image considerably, try to start with a small, low-quality picture to avoid blurry images like this.


3. Avoid stock images

When possible, using a unique image will give your blog an edge over those that stick to stock images.

Using a variety of images will make your blog more interesting and show the variety of your content.


Standard images are often found on multiple blogs which probably won’t impress your readers. They also don’t show much personality or lead the reader to an idea of what your post is about.

An image like this gives readers an immediate impression of what your post is about.


4. Edit thoughtfully

When you choose images for your blog, think about the editing you will need to do. Do you need to create a thumbnail or shrink the image to fit your blog’s format? Do you need it to be a certain height or width to fit your blog’s theme correctly?

This image sits perfectly in the blog column, making the piece more visually appealing.

When editing images, you want to preserve the original as much as you can. Choosing an image size that’s close to what you need will save you from needing to crop or resize. If the license allows it, you can also change an image by adding a border or text overlay.

Remember to check the license on your images before adding text, since that counts as editing.

What do you find the biggest challenge in finding great images to use on your blog? Is it something we’ve covered here, or something else entirely? Leave a comment and let us know.

Corina is a freelance social media manager and writer.
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  1. Amit Verma's Gravatar

    Posted by Amit Verma on 08.06.12 at 8:10 am

    Great tips. Thanks for your sharing. Have a great day ((Hugs))
    Amit Verma recently posted: 5 Ways To Build A Community That Feels Like A FamilyMy Profile

  2. Paul Salmon's Gravatar

    Posted by Paul Salmon on 08.06.12 at 8:10 am

    Images are always something that becomes a second thought for me when I publish a post. Unfortunately, the power of images to draw in a reader can be great, and am now just beginning to realize this. Add Pinterest to the mix and a great image in combination with Pinterest can send a good amount of traffic to your site.
    Paul Salmon recently posted: The Five Apps for Frequent TravelersMy Profile

  3. Marc's Gravatar

    Posted by Marc on 08.06.12 at 8:10 am

    When in doubt, we just pull out our camera and take pictures ourselves – sure, they’re not perfect or pro, but they tend to add credibility to our blog.
    Marc recently posted: 12 von 12 im Juni – UrlaubsbilderMy Profile

  4. Mark Donahue's Gravatar

    Posted by Mark Donahue on 08.06.12 at 8:10 am

    I found your blog from a tweet, and I’ve been reading it for almost 15 minutes now. Thank you for all the sensible tips! I agree about choosing high quality images. You don’t want blur, or pixelation, to muddy the look of your site.
    Mark Donahue recently posted: I Don’t Know What The Hell This IsMy Profile

  5. lauraleewalker's Gravatar

    Posted by lauraleewalker on 08.06.12 at 8:10 am

    Hello Mark, thank you for visiting, and staying for awhile! I checked out your blog as well. Pretty cool! It’s not everyday that an ostrich and Mexican wrestler enter a convenient store. :) )

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