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Top 6 Tips for Mom Bloggers

Courtesy of guest blogger Shelly Gill

Mom bloggers have managed to promote not only motherhood through online media, but have also promoted everything from fortune 500 companies, worldwide events, and the latest up-and-coming fads. So what is the secret to their massive success? Here is some practical advice geared towards moms to take your blog to the next level of amazing!

1. Write about what comes naturally  

Find a niche which works for you. Start by choosing a topic which fuels your passion. Do you love to cook or garden? Are you obsessed with fitness, or are you a Marketing maven? Put your skills, hobbies, interests to good use by blogging about them. In order to run a successful blog you must update posts on a regular basis. The task is much easier when you write about something you enjoy and know. Don’t automatically choose a topic based on popularity, choose a topic based on YOU and let your unique voice and personality shine. Dare to be different!

2. Read, read, and read some more

Be sure to read other blogs and make a note of what you like, dislike, etc. Let the content guide you and draw on that inspiration. Ask yourself these questions: What about the blog draws you in and keeps you coming back? What turns you off and makes you close the page? What makes you want to know more? This practice will teach you volumes about your own personal writing and reading style.

3. Embrace the power of social media

Facebook is so much more than connecting with those old high school pals. Familiarize yourself with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and be sure to post, pin, tweet, and promote your blog posts. Social media enables you to reach the maximum number of readers for an extremely low or no cost. Have fun with social media and use it to your advantage.

4. Ask for help

When I think of the mommy blogging community, three words immediately come to mind: Community, Team, and Support. It is truly a network of writers and mothers who really want to support each other and witness each other’s successes. Do not be afraid to turn to fellow mom bloggers (or any blogger for that matter) and ask for help. After all, they were once in your shoes, and more than likely they will be happy to assist with any questions.

5. Comment on other blogs

Blog commenting is a great way to promote activity, build community, and show support for your fellow mommy bloggers. Make blog commenting a regular practice. Be sure to make your comments useful and intriguing since they may attract people to your own blog, but don’t comment on someone else’s blog simply to promote yourself, others will find this off-putting.

6. Have fun with your blog

Most importantly, unleash your creativity and have fun with your blog – think of it as a virtual night out with your best friends. Here’s to happy blogging and much success!

As the founder of gillgal media, Shelly works with numerous clients to develop web-based and print media content while providing services in the areas of articles, blogs, press releases and more. An entrepreneur at heart, she is passionate about her career and that passion comes through in every project on which she works!  Shelly resides in the ‘burbs’ of Philadelphia with her husband, feisty daughter, and small pup. Shelly can be reached at

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  1. Karen K.'s Gravatar

    Posted by Karen K. on 01.06.12 at 5:30 am

    Thank you for the useful tips. I am new to the world of blogging (and a new mommy) This is really helpful.

  2. Shelly's Gravatar

    Posted by Shelly on 01.06.12 at 5:30 am

    Karen, I am so glad you can benefit from this info! Best of luck with the blogging. And congratulations on motherhood- the best job in the world. :)

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