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How to Use Social Media to Background Check Employees

Courtesy of Jane Smith

When you own a business, it can be absolutely heartbreaking to find that an employee has done you wrong. Whether they were less than polite to a customer or turned someone away as a result of incompetence, you know that the first thing customers notice about your business are the employees … Read more

Top 3 Tips to Staying Safe on Social Media

Courtesy of Jane Andrew

There’s the nerd’s endgame and then there are regular people. The social media boom made us more connected, better informed, and placed us all at a much higher risk than ever before. A friend request here and a location check in there and you’re pretty much as good as handing yourself … Read more

Facebook Apps Are Leaking Your Info

Courtesy of Jane Andrew

Facebook apps are secretly leaking out your personal info, even though you are not aware of the apps sharing your personal data flow with your friends to their friends. The privacy policy of Facebook claims that they are trying to increase the importance of their personal information security. The loopholes allow … Read more

4 Steps to Stunning Images for Your Blog

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

1. Find images you can use

If you’re looking for images online, it’s imperative to check licensing restrictions. If you don’t want to pay for licensing, try searching for creative commons-licensed images. You can find these on the Creative Commons website, Pixabay or Flickr’s creative common search.

Flickr’s creative commons search

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Apptopia Lets You Buy or Sell an App

I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Kay, who is the the founder of Apptopia, a marketplace for apps. The average price of an app on Apptopia is $7,500 and gives the buyers full access to code, revenue and users. For developers it offers a viable exit strategy. This is what Jonathan had to … Read more

Top 7 Tips for Selecting A Perfect CMS For Your Website

WordPress Stickers Everywhere
Courtesy of guest blogger Divya Rawat

Without a Content Management System (CMS) you can’t rest assured that your website is going to be safe and fine. Whether the content is okay or the publishing is alright or the editing is perfect – to keep a tap on the maintenance you need a content management service … Read more

Top 6 Tips for Mom Bloggers

Courtesy of guest blogger Shelly Gill

Mom bloggers have managed to promote not only motherhood through online media, but have also promoted everything from fortune 500 companies, worldwide events, and the latest up-and-coming fads. So what is the secret to their massive success? Here is some practical advice geared towards moms to take your blog … Read more