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Life360 is The App to Keep Your Family Safe and Connected

, a location-based app that aims to keep your family safe and in touch, has made a splash on the social app scene with over 15 million registered users. In it’s latest round of founding, Life360 received $3.5M in Series A funding, and it’s free to use on mobile phones to boot.

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3 Important Blog Commenting Strategies

Courtesy of guest blogger Shelly Gill

It’s a time-worn adage that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. In today’s techno society this saying can be extended to your blog. Your readers want to log into your blog and feel like they are having a two-way conversation with a friend.

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WalkMe Lets You Easily Guide Users Through Step-by-Step Tasks

I interviewed Eyal Cohen, co-founder of WalkMe, a platform that allows you to create step-by-step tasks for your website users to follow. It quickly became clear how beneficial his website could be.

Me: What is WalkMe all about?

Eyal: It became evident to the founders of WalkMe that people could no longer simply … Read more

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