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How to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a printing company that offers a variety of 
smartpress options, and who also consults for vacation secrets, a resort style vacation site that offers discounted customized vacations for businesses and individuals.

Acquiring new clients through social media sites is not rocket science, provided you have a sound product or service and you do the following things right:

Find The Right Social Channel

Just because Facebook is the most popular social site out there, does not necessarily mean that you should use Facebook and only Facebook for promotional activities.

The important thing to note is whether your potential customers are on Facebook are not. If they are, are they connecting to your brand page or not? If such is not the case, you should first find out why your customers are not connecting with you on a specific social channel and whether there is any communication barrier between you (the service provider) and the customer.

The problem with most social sites these days is the noise to signal ratio and there is a high chance that your potential customers are not relating to your business page on a particular social site.

It is very much possible that the social site in question has some limitations (which is beyond your control) and there is nothing much you can do, as far as the communication barrier is concerned. I will share an example to make it more clear.

I know an HR firm which was struggling to find new recruits for their clients. They decided to conduct an online drive through Facebook and Twitter but the results were not very convincing. Either the leads did not convert well and those who converted, were not recruited by the concerned company.

The firm conducted the online drive several times a year but managed to get only a few successful conversions, way below their expectations.

I advised them to try out LinkedIn, organize a talent hunt contest and giveaway cash prize to anyone who recommends a good professional who gets hired by their client. The response was overwhelming and the reason why the alternative plan worked is nothing but the choice of the social site LinkedIn, which is packed with professionals and career enthusiasts.

Track Conversations

Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are loaded with conversations and you should devise an action plan to track conversations that are related to your business.

There are chances that the people who are involved in a conversation don’t know you yet but this is your chance to connect with them and serve them your product – a value which they are looking for.

In addition to setting up hastag search, mention search and direct messages, I would suggest to setup keyword searches on Twitter.  Explore twitter’s analytics services and experiment with promotional tweets, trends and campaigns.

Twitter’s analytics dashboard offers a suite of other useful options which opens many possibilities for any marketer who wants to find potential customers on Twitter.

Once you have found your user base, you know how to utilize these people and offer them your product on a landing page in your website.

Organize A Contest

In order to get the attention of your customers, you must offer something valuable. That’s a no brainer but why would customers choose you and not your competitors? How do you separate yourself from the crowd? The answer is – a marketing trigger which forces the customer to think that you service offers more value for money.

The best way to achieve this in a short period of time is through contests and giveaways. There is a little investment and risk involved but once you have played with contests, I am sure you will get out of the box results.

Nothing beats contests, giveaways and freebies, when you want to spread the word out as quickly as possible. I remember back in 2009, I organized a contest on my blog and gave away a cash prize of $100. Within two days, I got more than 3000 email subscribers.

Back then, my product was a $9 ebook, and I successfully sold out more than 50 copies within the first 4 months. If I did not organized the contest, it is possible that I would have never gained those subscribers in the first place.

Follow Up Leads, Solve Their Problems And Listen to Their Feedback

Getting connected to your customers is just half the work done. To make sure you reap residual benefits over a longer term, you have to develop a relationship which can only be achieved through regular engagement and proper feedback.

Consider building an email list of all your customers and once in a while, ask them what problems they are facing, what kind of support they need and what’s their feedback on products they love using.

The answers to all these questions will help you get a clear picture of how your image is established with your audience and whether you are really meeting their needs or not.

Following up is a necessary evil but do not annoy your leads by spamming them with promotional emails every other day. One newsletter and one offer email every 2 weeks should be just fine.

Regular engagement and customer satisfaction has always helped small businesses get more customers; as people have a tendency to recommend good services and products to their friends.

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