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AutoGlance Offers a New Way of Shopping for Used Cars

I interviewed Khine Lin, co-founder of AutoGlance, which grabs data from all the famous sites and gives it to you kind of like Indeed does with jobs. It eliminates having to go to multiple web sites to find information on used cars.

Me: What’s AutoGlance all about? What was the thought process behind its launch?

Khine: AutoGlance is a new kind of approach to used car search. We have a unique interface where we graphically display things like the car’s color, mileage, and price so that you’re not wasting your time reading through blobs of text.

We also have a feature that can hide dozens of cars if they are determined to be worse deals than a similar listing. It sounds like something obvious, but it’s an important feature that’s missing from all other car search sites, and it can easily save you from looking through 50+ cars that you most likely have no intention of buying.

Furthermore, our listings are aggregated from a number of different sites (like eBay and so that you don’t have to perform the same search on multiple sites. We currently have a partnership with web2craz and iseecars, and in the process of forming partners with GetAuto.

Me: Who is your target audience, those that should be using AutoGlance? How do they benefit from using AutoGlance?

Khine: AutoGlance is targeted towards anyone shopping for a used car. The benefit is twofold–we help you to find a better deal than you could have otherwise, and we save you time in doing so.

Me: How does a person use your site? Can you walk me through a typical experience?

Khine: There’s two ways to perform a search on AutoGlance–either by a specific make/model, or by a general body style. The make/model search is geared towards people who know exactly what car they want. The body search, on the other hand, allows you to search much more broadly.

To begin, all that you need to do is select a car type (i.e. coupe, sedan, etc). Then, if you’d like to further refine your search, you can set other options such as specific manufacturers that you are interested in. And of course, you have the ability to set the typical parameters like transmission type and mileage/price range.

Me: How are you different than your competitors?

Khine: Other sites give you a long list of hundreds of cars that match your search criteria, and you’re forced to sit there looking through them one by one, page by page.

AutoGlance shows you every result on a single page, and we use eye-pleasing icons to visually represent the most important features of each listing. You don’t have to read anything; you can just look at the screen and quickly identify which cars are most appealing to you. We think that we’ve taken the tedious process of searching for a used car and made it into something enjoyable.

Me: What can users expect from AutoGlance in the future?

Khine: There are two things that we’re focusing on at the moment. The first is adding more sites to our aggregation reach. We won’t be satisfied until every single car you can find on the net is included in our database.

The second is continuing to refine our interface. We’re working on developing a ‘free text search,’ which would give the user the ability to filter listings containing specific terms like ‘leather seats’ or ‘roof rack’. We think that this will really help in locating exactly the car that you’re interested in.

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  1. Used Car dealer's Gravatar

    Posted by Used Car dealer on 18.05.12 at 5:30 am

    I think number of people who buy used cars also increase because of its low and cheaper price besides car loans can now use to finance new and used cars.

  2. Gary's Gravatar

    Posted by Gary on 18.05.12 at 5:30 am

    It always useful to have a site like this, its just a lot easier for customers.

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