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5 Ways to Share Great Content on Twitter from Google Chrome

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Sharing great content is a major part of any Twitter strategy. Whether you like to share photos from Flickr, news from The New York Times or articles from Lifehacker, the quicker and easier it is, the better. These five tools offer nifty shortcuts to make sharing to Twitter faster and easier when using Google Chrome.

1. Tweet button

Twitter’s own tweet buttons are an obvious choice. As a blogger, you have probably added these to your own posts already. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend it.

The tweet button acts as a call to action as well as providing the means conveniently at the beginning or end of your post. If you use a plugin like the Digg Digg bar, you can lock social media buttons to the side of your post so they are clearly visible even when the user scrolls down the page.

2. Buffer

Buffer is hands down one of my favourite social media tools. It offers multiple shortcuts to quickly share content on Twitter. The Buffer button works very much like Twitter’s tweet button, except it adds the link to your Buffer queue. The Digg Digg bar mentioned earlier includes both the tweet and Buffer buttons among others.

With Buffer’s browser extensions, you can add a small button to your browser to add links to your queue. This displays a Buffer pop-up where you can choose the accounts you want to publish to, edit the auto-populated message and choose to send now or add to your queue. My favourite part of the browser extension is the addition of an “Add to Buffer” option in the right-click menu which works the same way. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

3. TweetBar

Unlike the other four tools I’ve highlighted here, TweetBar doesn’t auto-populate your tweet with the page title and URL. Instead, it gives you free reign to type whatever you like into Chrome’s URL bar and send it as a tweet.

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Once you connect your Twitter account to TweetBar, you can tweet anytime from your browser by typing the letter ‘t’ and hitting the tab key. I took a more in-depth look at TweetBar recently here.

4. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is certainly an old favourite when it comes to social media dashboards. When you add Tweetdeck to your browser through the Chrome Webstore, it adds an option to your right-click menu. I find this to be a huge time-saver, even if I already have Tweetdeck open.

Using this shortcut, Tweetdeck creates a tweet from your default account including the URL and title of the page you’re viewing. Like Buffer, a pop-up box gives you the option to edit the tweet before sending and choose which account to post it to. You can even schedule a tweet to send later using this method.


A recent exciting find of mine is this new extension for Chrome. While it’s still in the testing phase there are bound to be occasional bugs, but it’s definitely a useful tool in the making. Once is installed, you can toggle on and off the sidebar within your browser.

This sidebar does an automatic search for accounts and tweets related to the page you’re viewing. In the example above, tweets mentioning the post I was viewing and the author’s Twitter handle were shown.

Clicking on Laura-Lee’s Twitter handle shows her profile and latest tweets. Each tweet gives you the option to reply, retweet and favourite without leaving this sidebar. You can also click the new tweet button at the top of the sidebar to create a tweet linking to the current page.

What tools do you use to share content when browsing? Have you got a suggestion that should be on this list? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Justin Germino's Gravatar

    Posted by Justin Germino on 14.05.12 at 5:30 am

    For me Buffer is the winner hands down, the ability to share to multiple networks and allow for delays when the share goes out or live is a win/win.
    Justin Germino recently posted: Kingston DataTraveler USB 3 Flash Drive GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Ileane's Gravatar

    Posted by Ileane on 14.05.12 at 5:30 am

    Hi Corina, Buffer is so hot, but I’m also using the Hootlet now that I can post to my Google+ page from there as well.
    Timely is also a good one for me.
    Ileane recently posted: AddThis the Killer WordPress Plugin for Monitoring Social EngagementMy Profile

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