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Life360 is The App to Keep Your Family Safe and Connected

, a location-based app that aims to keep your family safe and in touch, has made a splash on the social app scene with over 15 million registered users. In it’s latest round of founding, Life360 received $3.5M in Series A funding, and it’s free to use on mobile phones to boot.

I tried this app myself and was effectively able to keep track of my loved one. You can choose how often it updates which has an effect on battery life. You can even see registered sex offenders in the area equipped with an image of the offender. Yet, in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think of what the host of Bubbled Wrapped Kids would think.

I interviewed Life360′s CEO, Chris Hulls to find out what over 15 million people already know.

Me: Who is your target audience? What are the main benefits for users?

Chris: Life360 is for anyone looking to keep his or her family safe and in sync. Unlike some social apps, our user base isn’t primarily early adopters in big coastal cities, but we’ve instead experienced widespread adoption throughout the country.

We’ve found that moms in particular are saying that they enjoy the peace of mind provided by the Life360 Family Locator app. One mom from the San Diego area likes that we help her know that her son is safe as he is walking dogs around the neighborhood.

The main benefits for Life360 users are that we allow you to see where your family is located, when they need help and what is on their minds using our private family group chat. 

Me: How many people currently use Life360?

Chris: Life360 currently has over 15 million registered users, and we’re seeing over 250,000 new people signing up each week.

Me: How much does using the app cost?

Chris: The app is free to use. For family members who don’t have smartphones so are unable to install the free app, we offer a premium service that costs $4.99/month to locate family members with standard phones (after we receive opt-in permission from them).

Me: What platforms is Life360 compatible with?

Chris: Life360 Family Locator can be used on Android, Blackberry and iPhones.

Me: How does Life360 compare to similar apps? What has been the largest factor contributing to your success so far?

Chris: We feel that it is important that our app is free, which is a large part of why we are the largest and fastest-growing mobile family safety application.

We’ve worked hard to design an app that is easy to use for all members of the family and that provides value in both daily life and emergencies. For example, following the devastating tsunami in Japan last year when power went out, over 1600 people successfully used the Life360 app to share their status and location with their family networks.

Me: What new capabilities do you have instore for users in the future? When do you expect these changes to happen?

Chris: We are talking with prospective partners now so don’t have a set timeline yet, but we plan to take the Life360 mobile experience beyond the phone. By that I mean things like using the Life360 app to manage your home security system or seeing where your car is located. In fact, Bill Ford, Jr. (Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company) is an investor in Life360.

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