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WalkMe Lets You Easily Guide Users Through Step-by-Step Tasks

I interviewed Eyal Cohen, co-founder of WalkMe, a platform that allows you to create step-by-step tasks for your website users to follow. It quickly became clear how beneficial his website could be.

Me: What is WalkMe all about?

Eyal: It became evident to the founders of WalkMe that people could no longer simply surf the web, rather, the internet has become today a slog to get through. With this in mind, WalkMe went about building a “smart” solution that could be applied to any web site or app where the owner could guide their users through any process or task.

Me: How do people use WalkMe?

Eyal: WalkMe’s system takes the users by the hand and walks them, step-by-step, through a series of tip balloons attached to different elements on the web page. These “walk-thru’s” are set up to appear in a sequential manner triggered by  the users’ actions, this interactive sequence is arranged by the site owner, yet each step in the series, is only triggered when the user has completed the previous step.

Set up to appear in a sequential manner triggered by  the users’ actions, this instructional sequence is arranged by the publisher for as many tasks as needed, so that user can follow the publisher’s pre-defined steps confidently and error free.

Me: Who can benefit from using WalkMe?

Eyal: WalkMe eliminates end-user confusion, which directly reduces the number and the length of support calls and the investment needed to create or update user manuals and instructional videos. More importantly, publishers who have implemented WalkMe report dramatic increase in user task-completion, increased conversion, as well as, end-user satisfaction and greater site utilization. From the site owner’s side, using.

WalkMe’s breakthrough system does not require any modification or integration to their underlying software and we have made the Walk-Thru creation process simple, self-made, requiring very little technical skills.

Me: How much does it cost to use WalkMe?

Eyal: WalkMe is a software-as-service product, offering a wide pricing scale. We offer our product free for our “start-up” sized customers, trending upwards to our silver package for small business, a gold package for our medium sized site owners, leading to a customized quote for our enterprise customers.

Me: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced launching WalkMe?

Eyal: The biggest hurdle is being able to communicate properly something brand new. WalkMe is the world’s first interactive guidance system that can be applied universally for internal –external browsing platforms. Whenever you offer something brand new, that pushes the envelope, and makes people revise their assumptions, you will have to answer a lot of questions.

Thankfully we have the answers, as we have observed since launching this is a challenge we are already overcoming, as thousands of online publishers are using WalkMe and more are coming on board every day.

Me: What about WalkMe are you most proud of?

Eyal: WalkMe, as a product, gains its core market value in what it can provide the end-user as an interactive, self-tasking system that will increase for the site owner his conversion, decrease his support costs and drive user satisfaction. This we did, but we didn’t stop there, we decided that if we were going to build a system that brings simplicity back to the web, then we would also make WalkMe simple from the publishers side as well.

We put the time and resources in making WalkMe an all-rounded platform that is both simple for the site owners to create walk-thru’s and the user to use the walk-thru’s. In this way, WalkMe embraced its core belief and not just its core market value; this makes me proud, not only in our product, but more so, the WalkMeteam that went that extra mile to fully complete what it had started.

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