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Intro Helps Get You New Business Relationships

I interviewed Anthony Erwin, Founder and Director/CEO of INTRO.  He talks about what the app is, how users can benefit, how it works and what’s in-store for users in the future.

Me: What is the main benefit of using the INTRO app?

Anthony: Ease and simplicity. INTRO shows you who you should meet for business. It displays the connections you both share. You know who you both know before you meet, which helps take conversations to the next level easily.

New contacts are found for you. So are jobs. You don’t need to do much of anything.

It’s also fun to discover people that you should already know but don’t and all the things you have in common with them. It just proves once again that this world is a small place, and you’re probably only two degrees away from someone who can really help you achieve what you’re after.

Me: How does the app work?

Anthony: After people sign in using Linkedin, they are asked to add other social networks they already belong to such as Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Linkedin Groups, Eventbrite and FourSquare.

They can choose the ‘scenes’ (industries) they are in, and if they are looking for someone specific i.e. a developer.

They will receive ‘intros’ via push notifications when people who are a match are nearby. The app clearly displays the connections they share on their social networks including contacts, friends and who they follow.

They ‘reach out’ through the app and when both parties accept, they can instant message, add this person as a new contact on Linkedin, follow them on Twitter or email them. But the whole intention is that they will actually meet face to face.

Anthony: What has been your greatest accomplishment since you’ve launched the app?

We’re not quite sure exactly how this has happened, but we are amazed by the quality of people on the app. CEOs, Founders, Investors and Entrepreneurs–leaders in a number of sectors. We’re most proud of the caliber of people attracted to the app and the interactions people are having and the connections they’re making.

Me: What platforms is your app available on?

Anthony: The app is available through i-tunes for free and will be available for Android and Windows Phone shortly.

Me: What can Intro users look forward to in the future?

Anthony: We are always adding new features and layers of what we call ‘social proof’ that make the reasons to connect with other people on the network even stronger.

At the moment, we’re working on a new feature we call ‘Business Networks’. This works with a number of existing business networks to better connect their members online and offline. Members see the name of a brand or network to which they are affiliated as the main reason to reach out and connect before, during, and after organized events. It creates a very compelling reason to reach out to someone you haven’t met yet but should and its great for the network and its members.

(If you’d like to have your own business network within the app, contact or on 077949080335.)

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