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Pinerly Helps Brands Make Money Using Pinterest

We know Pinterest is a smoking how new social network on the Web 2.0 scene. Many companies are capitalizing on its growing success. Pinterest is so new that we’ve all been experimenting and essentially firing blanks in the dark.

The question becomes how can businesses effectively use Pinterest to increase their ROI? Rick Kats CEO and founder of Pinerly has an answer for you.

Me: What is Pinerly all about? What inspired you to create this site?

Rick: Pinerly is an analytics dashboard for online visual content sharing platforms–starting with Pinterest. We provide tools to allow users to post content, and easily compare the virality, reach, and engagement of each campaign.

Designed with the simplicity to make it “just work,” Pinerly allows brands, SMBs, bloggers, marketers, and agencies focus more on their customers/content while optimizing their posts to increase on their returns.

The inspiration behind Pinerly came about when we were using Pinterest to market our old business and noticed that our traffic increased by 30%. We really loved Pinterest from day 1 and enjoyed how friendly the demographic that uses it really is.

Although it was a lot of fun, our biggest pain was trying to measure the amount of traffic brought to us from certain pins (ROI or return on our time). This is the fundamental reason we started Pinerly, to help brands optimize their content and increase their returns. We are basically creating a tool that we use ourselves.

Me: Who’s you target audience? Why should they use Pinerly?

Rick: Our target audience is content creators and sellers of goods (brands). These users understand that even a small change in their strategy can provide them with larger returns and bring more people to their blog, website, or sales page.

Using Pinerly provides them with the ability to easily compare and measure their reach, clicks with time, and total likes or re-pins. They are able to see what campaigns do the best and optimize their content, posting times, descriptions, and board names to drive more traffic.

At Pinerly we look at stats a little differently. As relevant as stats for your previous pins might be, each pin has a life-span and either goes viral or does decent. Instead of focusing on the past, we try to focus more on how we can help with your strategy today. Something that may have been relevant a couple of months ago, might be completely outdated a couple of days later.

By helping guide our users to maximize on their returns in future posts, we hope to allow them to stay on top of their content and modify it to get the highest return from their future posts.

I mean if you put a lot of effort into making something really great that others would love, wouldn’t you want to measure it to optimize its reach as well? I know we would. That’s why we use Pinerly ourselves… to help us measure and better understand our own content.

Me: What stage of development is Pinerly in? How can people get invites?

Rick: Pinerly is currently in private Beta. We are aiming for a public launch in May 2012.

We send out hundreds of invites daily and often do invites over Twitter. We push out new features and enhancements daily and the feedback helps us get Pinerly to the incredible product that we envision it to be.

Me: How do you think businesses are using Pinterest now? How do you think they will use Pinterest in the future?

Rick: It’s still very early on. There are tons of brands that are just starting their strategy and are not exactly sure what to do on Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter was the introduction to the potential available for brands utilizing the social space, and Pinterest (is one of many more) to provide a whole new way to discover content or products in a visual way. It provides a new way of thinking about products and selling them as a lifestyle rather than just an item.

With that said, we are seeing many businesses trying to just push push push content out there (whether it’s relevant or not). Some are doing great, but others aren’t. What’s important to note is that social media is all about having the right approach.

It’s much more than just pushing out product or content and hoping for the best… it’s about really understanding and devising a good strategy. This is where Pinerly comes in.

Our whole idea is to help businesses think about a good strategy: provide tips, blog, and try to make things as easy as possible from a measuring and optimizing perspective. Businesses have enough things to worry about aside from social media (sales) so our goal is to simplify every single step to get brands working smarter and be a lot more efficient.

Me: What’s in store for Pinerly moving forward?

Rick: With the general vision described above, we’re focused on enhancing the product to improve the experience and bring in some great beneficial features over the next few weeks:

1) Pinerly Bookmarklet: A “Pinerly It” button that will now allow you to pin things at the same ease as the Pin It button and will tie directly into your pinalytics so that you can basically create campaigns on the fly. We’ll also be tying in other cool features like the scheduling into this as well.

2) Scheduling: One of the most important things about Pinterest is to disperse the pins over time. So instead of just pinning everything at once, it would be great to have a way to spread content throughout the day so that even when you are away from the computer, pins that you may have found earlier in the morning will be posted to keep your followers engaged.

We hope that this will allow many avid pinners to do all of their pinning in one time and concentrate more on the things that matter (spend time engaging with their followers, customers, users, or even with their family =) )

3) Multiple Accounts: Ability to manage multiple Pinterest accounts through Pinerly. The idea is to provide a seamless way to control multiple business accounts or personal accounts simultaneously and easily switch between them to making posting content even easier.

With continued focus on ease of use, we’ll also add things like monitoring, campaign analysis and recommendations… so stay tuned!

Rick Kats is a driven entrepreneur based out of Toronto with an extensive background in product development, online marketing, and distribution. Prior to founding setNight, Rick was a marketing director for Philmor Development.

He has built several websites, some of which have grown to over 10,000 unique hits (in under three months).  Rick is obsessed with product simplicity, ease-of-use, and intuitive design and constantly focuses on his users to provide them with the most seamless experience. He is driven on turning ideas into reality.

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    [...] Writing good headlines. It’s no surprise that magazines are among the brands enjoying the greatest success. Why? They’re selling their boards the same way they sell their stories – with catchy headlines, interesting captions, and an appeal to why you should care. Whole Foods does the same thing. Consider its board names: What wants dinner!? (the most popular with 52k followers), Eat your veggies, How does your garden grow?, and, of course, because home decor rules on Pinterest, Super HOT Kitchens. “Pinterest provides a new way of thinking about products and selling them as a lifestyle rather than just an item,” said Rick Kats, CEO and founder of Pinerly, in a recent interview with My Beak Social Media. [...]

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