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Manly Things Live Here – Pinterest for Men

The vast majority of Pinterest users are women. With Pinterest being so popular, it was only a matter of time that men had a Pinterest of their own for manly things. This is where I introduce you to Glen Stansberry, co-founder of Gentlemint. Now men have their own Pinterest and all is well with the world.

Me: Was the thought process going into this venture that you wanted to create a Pinterest-type of site, but for men?

Glen: Honestly, there wasn’t much of one. Co-founder Brian McKinney and myself just wanted a break from a really complicated app we were building. So, we thought we’d build a site to share “manly” content and entertain ourselves. So really, not a lot of pre-planning or market evaluation or anything like that. We just took 12 hours and did it.

Me: What has been the least expected outcome from launching Gentlemint?

Glen: Probably how passionate people are about the site. We have some of the best members in the world, hands down. They visit the site every day, send us helpful feedback, and help report spammy/nasty stuff that people post. They’re great.

Me: I’ve read that what you want is “manly” content, but “some of your best contributors are women.” Why do you think that’s the case?

Glen: I think the reason this is–and the reason we’ve brought this up other places–is that oddly enough we’ve seen that gender is less of an issue than most people think on our site. Our site is about interests around a certain set of content. So, there are some women who find and post incredible “manly” things, just as there are dudes who do the same. I just bring it up because lots of people wonder if any women use the site (which they do!).

Me: What do you think woman could learn about men from using Gentlemint?

Glen: Well, at the very least it’s a great place to find interesting gifts. I think at the very least our site proves that men *do* like to share content.

Me: What are some ideas you have for Gentlemint moving forward?

Glen: We’ve got lots of ideas. Right now we’ve been reworking virtually every aspect of the site. (We put the thing together in 12 hours, so there’s a lot that has to be reworked for handling a large, active community. See: this post for more.)

Immediately after that, we’re going to provide better ways to organize and share content. We have some other fun ideas that we’re not divulging quite yet, but should be very interesting for the future.


On the left is co-founder Glen Stansberry and on the right is co-founder Brian McKinney. You can follow them at @glenstansberry and @brianmckinney.

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