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LBB Offers Interactive and Customized Social Shopping

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chathri Munasinghe–VP of Marketing at Little Black Bag. It’s shopping the Web 2.0 way. It’s interactive, highly customized and social with an element of fun. Well, this Canadian found it was fun until I realized they only ship to the United States. That said if you’re a shopaholic and social media geek and you live in the United States, you’re in for a treat.

Chathri: On LBB, shoppers take an interactive style quiz and are offered a personalized mystery bag filled with the best in women’s fashion & beauty products. Shoppers then have a week to search the Little Black Bag marketplace & trade with others to assemble their perfect bag of items. Once trading is over, the products in the bag are shipped out.

Me: What makes this experience unique?

Chathri: It’s not your typical shopping site. You don’t just shop and check out. As a member you have the ability to vote on a friends bag, find friends who are members on LBB, share what’s inside your bag, and trade items that are in your bag.

Trading is fun & exciting, as shoppers discover new brands & see what products are trending. The experience is over a seven day period so you’re constantly coming back to the site to see if you’re trade offer was accepted or if there are new items in the gallery.

Me: What type of consumer did you have in mind when creating LBB?

Chathri: A trendy girl who loves to accessorize and has style. She’s fun and loves to try new social sites. Our ideal customer loves to shop online and enjoys discovering new brands.

Me: You were recently featured on TechCrunch and have raised $2.75 million from investors. What do you attribute to being the source of your success so far?

Chathri: The fun aspect of the site. We have already had a lot of members mention or site is addicting and a fun new obsession. LBB members don’t just shop and checkout–they love to interact with the community and enjoy the trading experience.

Me: What’s the biggest challenged you faced and overcame in launching Little Black Bag?

Chathri: Our biggest challenge was getting the right brands for our audience. At this time we have over 110 brands, so we feel we now have a wonderful growing assortment of stylish products for our current and new LBB members. Another challenge is our concept. It’s so new that members have to try out the site to truly fall in love with the shopping experience.

Me: What can users expect from Little Black Bag in the future?

Chathri: We have truly created the perfect gift for a friend and we are launching the ability to buy gifts for friends. Starting this week, members will have the opportunity to buy a gift for their best friend. And, even better, men can gift a Little Black Bag to their special someone.

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