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Sworly is YouTube Meets Pinterest For Music Lovers

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kailash Subedi, the CEO and founder of Sworly who talk abouts his website’s similarity to YouTube and Pinterest, what Sworly is and how to navigate around the website. He also addesses copyright issues and discusses what he’s cumming on moving forward.

Kailash was recently featured on TNW as the copycat with a lot of potential.

Me: What is Sworly all about? Did you take a page from YouTube and Pinterest?

Kailash: Sworly is an open network for music discovery. It’s a fun, free way to discover, listen to, and share unlimited music on the web.

With 4 billion videos being watched everyday, YouTube is unconditionally the most popular resource for streaming music. The library of songs on YouTube is larger than that of any other available service. But the vastness of the library is a double-edged sword because it inherently leads to clutter.

There are hundreds of versions of every song and it frustrates users to traverse through a series of duds. Browsing on YouTube is yet another issue because the service is not built around the concept of music discovery.

In the meantime, Pinterest has championed an innovative way of allowing users to share web content. Pinterest builds on the notion that there is a select set of users who love curating information and many others who could stand to benefit from their hard work.

At Sworly, we are determined to apply that logic to the music universe. Sworly does the leg-work to find the most applicable video for each song and delivers an intuitive sharing platform to promote music discovery.

Me: Who should be getting exciting about this platform? Who’s your target audience and how can they benefit from using Sworly?

Kailash: Sworly is a service for all music lovers, who in this day and age, is just about everyone. We provide a service where users can enjoy the benefits of a diverse music library without breaking their wallet. This has mass international appeal.

We understand that people vary in how they appreciate music. Some like listening to music they have become accustomed to, and while our platform does service that need, we are focusing on the crowd that loves sampling new music to add to their portfolio. This set of users get a thrill from discovering new great artists/music, and love promoting that new music to the world.

As a platform built from the ground-up with that behaviour in mind, we make it easy for these users to achieve that goal and discover others with similar interests.

Me: How do users navigate around the site?

Kailash: When designing Sworly, our priority was to keep the navigation as simple and intuitive as possible. There are three use cases for Sworly:

1) Active Browsing: Navigate through the mesh of music videos on Sworly to sample songs and discover users with interesting taste in music. Follow users to stay up-to-date on their musical findings, and re-post songs to populate your playlist.

2) Passive Browsing: This is for all the multi-taskers who employ music as entertainment while they work. Land on any page, and use the playlist feature on the left to cycle through all the songs on that page. By giving all songs a chance to be heard, you just may discover musical interests that you never knew existed. You can just as easily skip songs, or jump around and in-between playlists at a whim.

3) Build your Profile: Use the “Add Song” feature at the top right of every page to create your public playlist. This becomes your musical identity on Sworly, and helps those with similar musical interests to discover and follow you. This in turn will help you grow your network, and maintain a dynamic Home page that is full of opportunities for music discovery.

Me: Are there options to group the music you want to listen to into categories or playlists?

Kailash: We have a unique take on grouping music. Every page is a playlist! Not only is there a playlist for all of the songs a user has liked or posted, but they are also dynamically created from tags as well as searches.

All social networks present you using different assets. Facebook does this with personal information, LinkedIn does this using professional experience, and Sworly accomplishes this using your musical preferences. Your profile is a public playlist that defines you through the music you like.

Similarly, you can browse the Sworly network to sample the playlists of those profiles you find interesting. This will help you stumble onto new songs, people, and experiences, and is our ultimate value-add as a music discovery network.

Me: Although Pinterest provides a link to its source, there are concerns that the site is violating copyright laws. Do you have similar concerns with Sworly?

Kailash: It does seem the copyright issue is boiling up to become quite a headache for Pinterest. While the site is very good at directing traffic to the source of the images, it does in a way dilute the unique offerings of the source, so

I can see why some users are revolting. However, Sworly is immune to copyright concerns since we only source videos from sites where users have made them available for public viewing and sharing. In many ways, sharing through Sworly has similar legal implications to posting a YouTube video on your Facebook Timeline.

Our platform magnifies this specific activity and provides a fun, browsing experience to benefit from the curation efforts of others.

Me: What can users expect from this platform in the future?

Kailash: While we are busy momentarily fine-tuning the user experience on Sworly and incorporating the feedback we have received this past week since we launched, there are heavier developments in the pipeline. Our number one objective is to create a sense of community on Sworly.

While immediate friends may play a big role in that community, we feel there is great opportunity in sensing and suggesting relationships between users with like-minded tastes. It’s a way to meet new people and a better way stay up-to-date on the music that matters to you. So look forward to that and other great features in the coming month.

Kailash is currently a 3rd year student at Carleton University in Computer Science. He loves soccer, photography, cooking, traveling and telling jokes.


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