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Readmill Makes Reading Your Digital Books a Social Experience

I had the pleasure of interviewing Henrik Berggren, founder of ReadMill. He talks about how users can benefit from using ReadMill, how the publishing industry is changing and one thing that makes him proud to have launched this platform.

Me: What was the purpose of launching ReadMill and the motivation behind it?

Henrik: The purpose is to give readers and authors a way to connect by sharing their experiences of books in the form of highlights and notes.

Me: Who is your target audience and how can they benefit from using this platform?

Henrik: We’re focused on designers and engineers and our offering to them is clear–it’s about making reading a sharable and collectable experience and making reading books more fun and engaging.

Me: What type of changes is publishing going through? How is ReadMill capitalizing on those changes?

Henrik: The big change is the shift to digital. And we’re trying to be right in the middle of that paradigm shift by offering the best digital experience for readers. We come from a technology and social software background and not publishing so for us designing a digital service comes very naturally.

Me: You’ve been featured in Fast Company and TNW. What do you attribute as the main source of your success so far?

Henrik: We care a lot about our users. When they email us saying that we increase their motivation for reading or they have more fun reading books through Readmill that’s our main sign of success. Our dream is to have authors experiencing more happy readers and more book sales through Readmill as well.

Me: Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs with start-up ideas?

Henrik: Don’t listen to advice, be your own boss. Do what you believe in and kick ass.

Me: What is the biggest challenge you faced launching this platform?

Henrik: I think the biggest challenge still lies ahead of us. We need to make sure that using Readmill is simpler than anything else and still keep the experience amazing.

Me: What is a typical day like for you at Readmill?

Henrik: Two days are never alike, it’s a mix of coding, designing, decision making, coffee making and trying to make sure everyone does great things.

Me: What aspect or process in launching Readmill are you most proud of?

Henrik: I think we managed to create something that a lot of people want to use. And that’s something that can actually make people read more and learn more. Today I got an email from a 6:th grade teacher that wants to use Readmill in her reading class. That makes me extremely proud.

Henrik Berggren is a 31-year-old hacker & entrepreneur from Sweden who recently relocated to Berlin to build Readmill–A simple, social reading platform. We currently support a range of apps where you can share what you read and highlights you make. Check it out.


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  2. Samuel's Gravatar

    Posted by Samuel on 04.04.12 at 5:30 am

    “Don’t listen to advice, be your own boss. Do what you believe in and kick ass.”

    Smart man right there. Too many opinions and advice is more harmful than good. Just do your thing.

    I hope Readmill will further succeed in its venture and help the readers out there enjoy their reading more.
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