Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

WorldDesk Lets You Access Your Files On Any Machine Anywhere

Me: What is WorldDesk all about? How do people use WorldDesk?

Kieran: WorldDesk is a cloud and desktop virtualization platform that frees all aspects of a user’s Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device. The technology allows the free movement of a user’s apps, files and profile between devices, truly letting you take Read more

Intro Helps Get You New Business Relationships

I interviewed Anthony Erwin, Founder and Director/CEO of INTRO.  He talks about what the app is, how users can benefit, how it works and what’s in-store for users in the future.

Me: What is the main benefit of using the INTRO app?

Anthony: Ease and simplicity. INTRO shows you who you should meet for Read more

Pinerly Helps Brands Make Money Using Pinterest

We know Pinterest is a smoking how new social network on the Web 2.0 scene. Many companies are capitalizing on its growing success. Pinterest is so new that we’ve all been experimenting and essentially firing blanks in the dark.

The question becomes how can businesses effectively use Pinterest to increase their ROI? Rick Kats CEO … Read more

CircleMe Lets You Connect and Engage With Your Interests

I interviewed, Erik Lumer, founded and Executive Chairman at CircleMe. Eric talks about how his site is unique, how people can benefits from using CircleMe and what users can expect from this company in the future.

Me:  What is CircleMe all about? Who is your target audience? How can they benefit from using

Read more

Happstr Uses Social Media to Help You Be Happy

Andrea Mignolo, founder of Happster, is on a mission to create a happier world. She’s using social media to do just that. Here’s what she has to say about how you can find your happy place…

Me: What is Happstr all about? What are you trying to accomplish?

Andrea: Happstr is fundamentally about tracking Read more

Manly Things Live Here – Pinterest for Men

The vast majority of Pinterest users are women. With Pinterest being so popular, it was only a matter of time that men had a Pinterest of their own for manly things. This is where I introduce you to Glen Stansberry, co-founder of Gentlemint. Now men have their own Pinterest and all is well with the … Read more is a Dating Service for Designers and Startups

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Putorti, creator of Jason is 29 years old and has already accomplished a great deal. I have a hunch that he lives and breathes his Steve Jobs quote above. Very inspiring.

Me: What is all about? How do companies and designers interact on

Jason:… Read more

LBB Offers Interactive and Customized Social Shopping

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chathri Munasinghe–VP of Marketing at Little Black Bag. It’s shopping the Web 2.0 way. It’s interactive, highly customized and social with an element of fun. Well, this Canadian found it was fun until I realized they only ship to the United States. That said if you’re a shopaholic … Read more

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