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3 Ways to Gain Loyal Customers with Social Media

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We’ve all heard the stories about how hard it is to draw in new customers, and thus how important it is to retain the ones you have. Social media strategies for businesses often focus on increasing awareness of your brand and gaining new customers, but there are many ways social media can help you to develop brand loyalty as well.

1. Provide consistent value

Social media allows businesses to be in contact with customers constantly. Anywhere they go, at any time, you can be there–on the computer at work, on the tablet on the way home, on the smartphone at bedtime.

This alone provides a huge opportunity. By providing value for your customers on a regular basis, you are giving them a reason to invite you into their lives. Whether you offer products and services, blog posts, giveaways, sale offers, white papers or videos, the more value the user receives, the more they will let you permeate their lives through social media.

Maintaining a consistent frequency and quality of content is imperative, but a creative approach is also important to allow for variety. Keeping your offers fresh and interesting will motivate return visits and a more loyal approach towards your brand.

2. Involve your customers

People love to belong and feel like they are part of something. In his book Creative Genius Peter Fisk points out how this desire was integral to the success of Threadless:

“People want to be part of something, to express themselves more personally. They want a piece of the action much more than a cheap T-shirt.”

Involve your customers by asking for feedback and ideas. Writer Jeff Goins recently wrote an excellent blog post about getting more comments on your blog. You can also use polls and online surveys, or simply use social networks to ask questions.

Most importantly, take on the feedback you get and use it. You may not change everything about your brand that you get feedback on, but let the feedback inform your future decisions and the direction of your business. Really listen to what your customers are saying and what they want. Involving them in your decision-making process will give them a great sense of belonging and satisfaction, and keep them coming back to you in the future.

3. Show your appreciation

Giving thanks is easy, yet we often forget to do so. Social media makes it even easier to publicly show our appreciation. Use social media to thank those who help you by making purchases, giving you feedback or spreading the word about your brand.

You can also thank your customers by returning the favour. Help others whenever you can by promoting their work, encouraging them and offering feedback. Social media offers easy ways to stay in touch with others and support their efforts, which will help you to develop strong relationships.

Your turn

How do you use social media for customer retention? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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5 Responses to this post.

  1. Sian Phillips's Gravatar

    Posted by Sian Phillips on 26.03.12 at 5:30 am

    You have great tips for keeping loyal customers with Social Media. I find engaging with clients (and potential clients) is important so they know they are being heard. Thanks for sharing on

  2. Piotr Banak's Gravatar

    Posted by Piotr Banak on 26.03.12 at 5:30 am

    Great article. But I think that there is one more thing to remember. If you want feedback, like comments, shares etc, you should also be more active than just writing post and asking for opinions. I like blogs, them are good source of knowledge and fun; but what’s annoying in some of them (although content is great) is author. He or she places on her page something like “waiting for you feedback”, “pplease share your thoughts”, but when reader ask question in comment there is no answer. What I think than? That it’s just formula used to pretend that author cares about readers, and she/he really doesnt care, and is just sharing another content just to remind everybody: “I am still here, offering this or that service, and I know what I am doing, and that is what I can give you for free” . I found few well written blogs, but I do not read them, because authors were not interacting with readers 

  3. corinamackay's Gravatar

    Posted by corinamackay on 26.03.12 at 5:30 am

    Hi Sian,

    Thanks for reading! I agree that engaging with other users is important – especially potential clients. I love it when a company shows me that they care about what I have to say, despite whether I am already a customer or not!


  4. corinamackay's Gravatar

    Posted by corinamackay on 26.03.12 at 5:30 am

    You’re absolutely right, Piotr! That’s why engagement was so high on my list of 5 must-have ingredients for your social media strategy:

    Building a community requires that kind of follow-up and continual engagement, which two many businesses neglect to realise.Thanks for your comment!Corina

  5. Jason's Gravatar

    Posted by Jason on 26.03.12 at 5:30 am

    Insightful post!
    Jason recently posted: 5 Benefits of a Custom Facebook Fan PageMy Profile

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