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How Karma Lets You Instantly Send Gifts From Your Phone

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joanna Hass from the Hatch Agency now working for Karma. This app was featured on popular Internet news blogs such as Mashable and TechCrunch I’m so happy to have the opportunity to interview Joanna about Karma today.

Me: How can people benefit from using Karma?

Joanna: Karma is a new service for in-the-moment gifting from your mobile phone.  As a social commerce company, it’s a delightful way to simply share a meaningful moment with someone you care about.

Me: How does it work?

Joanna: Karma is specifically designed for a seamless mobile experience, making it simple and instant.  It gives you the ability to send a gift from anywhere you are and let people know you’re thinking about them at that very moment It also removes the worry and time involved with picking out a meaningful gift, bringing spontaneity back to gifting.  You don’t have to settle for buying someone an impersonal gift card or only sending them a “happy birthday” post on Facebook.

Karma is also social and by connecting to Facebook, lets you keep track of your friend’s updates in a Karma calendar, so you never miss a birthday, new baby, first day on the job or other special occasion again.

The person receiving the it gets to choose the size, color or flavor of the gift, or they can swap for another gift they like better in the same price range.  And if they choose, they can even give the gift amount to charity, for example charity: water, so no gift goes wasted. The recipient also chooses which address they want it shipped to, for convenience and so the sender doesn’t need an address to send a gift.

Karma is optimized for iPhone, Android and Windows devices and online for non-smart phone users.

Me:  What range of gifts are there to choose from?

Joanna: Karma focuses on gifts and partners of high quality and carefully curates each item.  Some of the items available in Karma today are from Kate Spade, Moleskine, Uber, Domaine Chandon, Jawbone, Jonathan Adler, Gund teddy bears, Rent the Runway, Birchbox, Hulu, books, specialty chocolates and many other items, with more to come.

Me: What has been your biggest challenge creating Karma?

Joanna: With the rise of the mobile and social generation, there is a growing opportunity in social commerce and the increasing desire to meaningfully connect to the people you care about in a technology-driven world. We want to solve the ‘ugly sweater problem’ of giving or receiving a gift you don’t want or need.  And we want to remove the anxiety of not knowing what to give someone, compounded by the lack of time to do it well. There are so many times we resort to giving an impersonal gift card (gift cards are a  $100B industry) or meaningless gift to save time, so we’re building Karma to put the sentiment back into giving.

Me: Where do you see Karma one year from now?

Joanna: We want to be the trusted place you go when you want to give a meaningful gift to someone you care about, and continue to work with the best partners to offer the best gifts.  That means building the best product for our users and listening to their feedback.

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