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Wisdio For Learning and Building Your Reputation and Online Influence

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastian Zontek, CEO and Founder of Wisdio. Sebastian explains how you can benefit from using Wisdio and what he learned from launching his startup.

Me: How can people benefit from using your website?

Sebastion: Great question to start with because people can benefit from using it in many ways! Here are the major ones:

First of all, people can receive valuable answers or solutions to their problems from appropriate experts. What’s best about it is that it all happens automatically–you have just sent your question and Wisdio will do the rest.

The second important benefit for people is that our users can build their online reputation through Wisdom Authority Ratings (WAR) by helping others to answer questions. WAR measures the credibility of people’s knowledge on a 1–100 scale. It is based partially on scores within particular topics where Wisdio records the quality of information that is provided. In this way, it presents your overall credibility as well as the top topics you are knowledgeable in.

Building one’s reputation and credibility online can increase traffic on people’s blogs, websites, and attract new customers/users.

Me: Can you walk me through an example of how to use Wisdio?

Sebastion: There are two ways in which one can use Wisdio, here is an example of each:

  1. If you are looking for information or have a problem to be solved. Using Wisdio is incredibly simple.  All that you need to do is type your question or problem into the “ask” field and Wisdio does the rest.  Our technology detects the topic and context of your question, and notifies the appropriate experts. Upon answering of the question, you will receive a notification. If you are interested in exploring questions and the experts who pertain to your interests, just click on the ‘Explore Wisdio’ tab and you can browse all other content related to your interests.
  2. If you want to build your reputation or just lend advice to others. Upon registering for Wisdio simply enter  your interests, areas of expertise, and knowledge.  When a user has asked a question pertinent to your skills you will receive a notification on Wisdio and via e-mail that somebody is seeking help.  By providing an answer, users can vote whether or not your information was helpful. Helpful, quick responses yield the highest increases in WAR score which ultimately displays your credibility online.

Me: How is Wisdio different from Quora?

Sebastion: Our visions are quite different.Quora aims to be a centralized database of valuable content; a Wikipedia of questions and answers. The problem I see there is that there are too many social networks competing for people’s time.

I’m not sure that they can keep engagement of their users for a long time. The vision is to create independent credibility score of people’s knowledge that is based not only on activity inside our Q&A site but across the Web. In this way, the Q&A part will become only one of possible applications of Wisdio Authority Ratings (WAR) that will be available through our API.

By providing the information about best rated experts and best rated articles we can only imagine how many useful applications others can build on top of it.

Me: What’s the most significant thing you learned from launching your startup?

Sebastion: The smarter you think you are–the worse for your startup. If we believe too much in our ideas without checking if there is a real need on the market for it we may spend too much money for feature users just don’t need. That’s why a startup should be managed like an organization for learning, but not as an organization for executing business. So, the key competence for a startup is to keep ‘learning cycle’ as fast as possible and find a market fit for its product, not spending every last penny on a rigid product.

Me: What can users expect from Wisdio in the future?

Sebastion: We are so excited about what we are building now. In the couple of weeks the API will be available. We’re going to release widgets that users can embed on their websites or blogs, for example: ‘My Knowledge Profile on Wisdio’, ‘Ask me a question in my fields’ or ‘Rate it’.

We’re working also on new user interface that will be more social and engaging. As I mentioned before, our main goal is to expand the reach and influence of WAR.

Short code: B39QDD5GMD86

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  1. ThinkNewMedia's Gravatar

    Posted by ThinkNewMedia on 15.03.12 at 5:30 am

    Thank you for the great interview. Between Klout, Kred, Twittergrader and all the other measures of online influence this seems like a step in the right direction. Your peers and the people you help are the best indicators of your expertise in my opinion. I’m still not completely clear on how they’ll measure influence across other platforms.

  2. lauraleewalker's Gravatar

    Posted by lauraleewalker on 15.03.12 at 5:30 am

    Thank you for visiting!

    I completely agree! Yes, it will be exciting to see how many people use Wisdio moving forward, recognize it as a credible indication of online influence, and if and how they decide to measure influence on other platforms.

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