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Is Bidzuku Online Dating for the Automotive Industry?

Bidzuku Promotional Video from Bidzuku on Vimeo.

Hate the whole experience of buying a car? Well, so does Joshua Hays, the founder and CEO of Bidzuku. I’ve interviewed him about how his startup (about to enter private beta) is a Web 2.0 solution that plans to put you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to buying your next car.

Me: Briefly, what inspired you to launch Bidzuku?

Joshua: Buying a car sucks. The team and I come from very humble backgrounds. We’ve worked hard for everything we have–including our vehicles. So when it came time to buy, we were all buying on very limited budgets.

The time and energy it took to find the right vehicle, at the right price, and from a trustworthy source was half the battle–negotiating and buying it was the other half. We knew we had to do something about it, so we created Bidzuku!

Me: How can people use Bidzuku to purchase a car?

Bidzuku is a free and anonymous resource for car buyers who are looking to find the best match and for the right price. However, we don’t facilitate the purchase. Instead, we assist the buyer by providing them with a platform to state their demands while local dealerships compete for the business.

First, buyers create a simple application outlining all that they are looking for in their next vehicle purchase. Next, the application is submitted to local dealerships. The dealerships then have the opportunity to bid on the application. Afterward, bids are returned to the buyers and assigned a value–the better the match to the buyer’s original requests, the higher the value!

Our hope is that Bidzuku will provide a better way for car buyers to skip the nasty search and negotiation phase of buying a car and get right to the fun stuff–finding something they’ll truly love and for a price they can afford.

Me: What’s the main challenge you faced creating the site, and how did you deal with that challenge?

Joshua: To be honest, the entire development has been a learning curve! We’ve worked hard to incorporate the years we’ve spent in the automotive industry with a pleasant web experience for car buyers. I won’t lie, we’ve burned through a lot of code—thousands of lines! There was even a point when we trashed everything and completely reworked the entire product design.

The biggest challenge was really finding the groove and when we did, it was the best feeling in the world. Now that the site is being prepped for private beta, we’re confident we nailed it.

Me: What kind of feedback have you been getting about the site?

Joshua: We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response throughout the entire process! Bidzuku is different in every way, and though there are some solutions that appear similar, we’re confident we’ve built a superior product. The dealerships who have experienced Bidzuku either through our alpha several months ago or by private demonstration were impressed with the product and are eager to utilize it when available.

In addition, the alpha users who posed as car buyers are extremely pleased with how easy it is to use and that Bidzuku’s focus is on match quality. One blogger even described our service as “online dating for the automotive industry.”

Me: What’s in store for Bidzuku moving forward?

Joshua: Currently, we’re prepping Bidzuku for private beta while seeking a seed round. We hope that upon exiting beta, we’ll prove to be a first resource for people seeking to get their dream car for the best price.

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